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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Get a Clue!

Ben Shapiro wrote an excellent article on Town Hall today (March 9), with the title The radical homosexual agenda and the destruction of standards. Here's the opening paragraph:

The Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Supporters Alliance (BGLTSA) of Harvard University is fighting mad. Last week, actress Jada Pinkett Smith won an award from the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. During her acceptance speech, she told women in the audience, "you can have it all -- a loving man, devoted husband, loving children, a fabulous career … To my men, open your mind, open your eyes to new ideas." Rather sweet, no? Not to the BGLTSA, which called for an apology from the organizers of the Cultural Rhythms show, explaining that Smith's statements were "extremely heteronormative." "Heteronormative," for those who don't speak the radical homosexual lingo, may be defined as the viewpoint that heterosexual relationships are normal, and others are not.

Let's see: there are two sexes to approximately 99% of all species on Earth. Both sexes are usually required to sire progeny and continue the species. The majority of men and women live heterosexual lives. That sounds pretty "normal" to me!

The definition of "normal" is:

nor-mal adj. 1. Conforming to or consisting of a pattern, process, or standard regarded as usual or typical; regular; natural. 2. Psychola. well-adjusted to the outside world; without marked or persistent mental aberrations. b. Of average skill, ability, intelligence, etc. 3. Biol. a. Not exposed to infection or modified by experimental treatment: a normal animal. b. Occurring naturally. 4. Chem. a. Denoting a solution containing one gram equivalent weight of solute per liter: used as a unit, as two normal, three normal, etc. b. Denoting an aliphatic hydrocarbon having a straight, unbranched chain of carbon atoms: normal butane.

I don't see anything here that refutes the fact that the majority of the people in today's world are NOT homosexuals, but in fact make up the "norm", and thus establish the standard. By definition, that which is outside the "norm" is abnormal. Homosexual behavior is abnormal, period. Trying to make it anything else is to attempt to perpetuate a fraud.

The BGLTSA, as a wing of the radical homosexual movement, is looking to broaden the definition of normality to include deviant behavior. They're not looking for passive tolerance. They're looking for active acceptance. Now, ignoring homosexuality is no longer allowable; we must instead champion it, equating it with heterosexuality. In fact, homosexuality must be prized over heterosexuality; an open homosexual may proclaim to his heart's content that "dreams can come true -- you can find a same-sex partner," but an open heterosexual may not state that marriage constitutes "having it all."

This is all part of the "Political Correctness" stupidity. The entire purpose of PC behavior is to twist words until they have no more meaning, so they can mean anything. "NORMAL" does NOT describe homosexual behavior. Homosexual behavior is NOT to be prized. Homosexual behavior causes untold problems. The attack on a young boy by a practicing homosexual can be as devastating as the rape of a young woman. The recent scandal caused by some homosexual priests in the Catholic Church highlights just one of the problems with homosexuality, especially when the behavior is forcibly imposed on another.

Deviant behavior is described as "actions and beliefs that differ considerably from the standards of society", and "sexually perverse".

We as a society cannot afford to allow the inmates to run the asylum. Such behavior is both destructive of individuals and detrimental to society as a whole. We must maintain acceptable standards of what is "normal" behavior, and what is "deviant" behavior. Allowing the "deviants" to determine "normal" is absurd. It's time to stand up to the militant homosexual community and tell them to "bugger off", as it were.

It's also time to come down like a ton of bricks on our universities. We need to stop the destruction of our society from within, just as we need to fight against its destruction from without.

The Moynihan-Krauthammer prediction has come to pass. Straight men and women may no longer consider themselves normal, unless they also consider homosexuality normal. The rage against "heteronormalism" is rage against traditional societal standards as a whole. Exclusive morality has always offended the immoral. The only difference is that now offensiveness receives a stiffer societal sentence than blatant immorality. This is what political correctness -- the "live and let live" societal model -- has wrought.

Political Correctness is not a "live and let live" societal model: it is a model that is designed to break down all the rules that have created the working social model we lived in for 500 years or more. It is an attempt to make "everything normal". When "everything" is "normal", nothing is normal. It must not be allowed to continue, or the American society will be destroyed from within just at Greek and Roman society was destroyed. It's time to "take up arms against the slings and arrows of outraged fortune" - or, in this case, amoral, immoral, and dictatorial personal, political, cultural, and societal behavior. As Ben says, "Destruction of societal standards always has consequences."

The BGLTSA isn't asking for tolerance on a person-to-person level. Instead, they're asking us to continue lowering societal standards. If we must choose between alienating the immoral and ravaging societal standards for the personal comfort of the immoral, then choosing the former is the only rational decision.


One of the key necessities of a "good" society is that its members accept personal responsibility within that society, and to that society. Homosexuals want to destroy personal responsibility, since it limits their behavior. Multiple partners, "unsafe" anal sex, failure to inform a partner of the problems of sexually transmitted diseases, and numerous other uncivil, irresponsible acts are commonplace in the homosexual community. Homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, Lesbians, and other deviants do not contribute to the cohesion of social society, but instead increase the internal tension within that society and weaken it.

This doesn't mean that society should stone homosexuals, or lock them up, or murder them. It does mean that deviant behavior continue to be identified as deviant, and the destructive characteristics of that behavior acknowledged and accepted not only by the "normal" members of society, but the abnormal members as well. Anything else is a fool's debate - and dangerous.


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