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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Political Correctness" is Un-American

It's time to put the tyrannical speech codes deemed "essential" to academia to rest. Political Correctness is a piece of fecal matter. It is an affront to free speech, a demand to "gender-neuter" conversation, and an attempt to call black white, and white chartreuse. It's past its shelf-life. It stinks. It's time to throw it out.

In fact, any attempt to regulate speech is over-ripe. The entire piece of tom-foolery should never have gotten past the third month. Unfortunately, there are those that wish it to be forced upon the rest of us, simply because they feel "offended". Get over it. There is no Constitutional right NOT to be offended. People who are too easily offended are those that are insecure in who and what they are. That's THEIR problem, and the rest of us don't have to walk around as if on eggshells because someone ELSE has a problem.

Enough is enough.

We need to start by firing every professor teaching an English class that can't seem to accept the basic standards of the English Language as it's existed for hundreds of years. Playing with the rules only amuses those who get a kick out of overturning something, without putting anything really worthwhile in its place. Secondly, get rid of 99% of "Academic Leadership" - from Regents through Administrators to Department Heads. Re-institute the philosophy that post-secondary education exists to teach people to think, and to think about a given subject during that class. Quit this stupidity of trying to socially-engineer a "perfect" citizen - that's not the job of college professors. In fact, in a free society, it's nobody's job, and those engaged in it should be fired. Such behavior tramples the rights of the individual, negating the sole purpose of our government.

It's time for people who wish the United States of America to continue to be a free and independent nation to stop the PC idiocy. Refuse to participate. Refuse to accept any PC corrections. Tell anyone who tries to impose such behavior upon you that you will not stand for their tyranny over free speech. Scratch out PC labels on forms, and write in what you deem correct. Start a blog and identify everyone that imposes politically-correct speech in the classroom. If you're failed because of your behavior, sue, sue, sue.

"Political Correctness" is one of a dozen or so idiocies being forced upon some aspects of society in the name of "fairness", "diversity", and "multiculturalism". There is no need for "multiculturalism" in the United States. We are all citizens of the same nation. Most "African-Americans" haven't had an ancestor from Africa since 1860. Most of those who have come here since then consider themselves "Americans", not "African-Americans". Most American citizens of Asian ancestry don't think of themselves as Japanese-Americans, or Korean-Americans, or Vietnamese Americans, but Americans that originated somewhere else. Hyphenation divides us, just as race, creed, culture, religion, nation of origin, or political affiliation have have been used to divide - and weaken - us for the last 75 years.

We are One Nation, Under God, not a dozen nations under a big umbrella. It's time we remembered - and appreciated - that. "E. Pluribus unum" - out of many, One. Where we came from, who we were before, isn't important. What is important now is that we are Americans - free, independent, equal. Those that wish to divide us should be shown the door. What they wish to do is certainly not in OUR best interest, or the best interest of our nation.


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