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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why should we trust you?

There are people all throughout society that expect, even demand, that we trust them. Ministers expect us to give them unrestrained trust. Politicians demand that we trust them with our money - and with more and more of it as time passes. Police officers, lawyers, and judges demand that we trust them to protect us and to uphold the laws of the land. Scientists tell us we're destroying the world, and that the only solution is to return to how we lived a hundred years ago. Doctors tell us that we're overweight, out of shape, and that we need all kinds of medicine just to make it through the day. Teachers tell us our children are dumb, and they can only learn a fraction of what we did thirty years ago - and they need medication because they're "so hyper". Network executives and newspaper publishers demand that we trust them to provide us with "unbiased" news. Everywhere we turn, there's someone else telling us, asking us, even demanding that we trust them.

Why should we?

I learned during my military career that it was necessary to respect the rank and authority of anyone in uniform. I found that some people in uniform also deserved respect for themselves, and that they received that respect because they earned it. The same is true for any other profession: we may respect the position, but the only time the person qualifies for respect is upon earning it. Today, it's becoming more and more obvious that there are a lot of people in this world we shouldn't trust, even though they demand it of us.

There are 'rotten apples' in any profession, but there seem to be far more of them today than fourty years ago. There also seems to be less and less interest in removing those rotten apples from positions of authority. There also seem to be more and more people in our society that demand authority, including authority over how and where we live, what we do, how we rear our children, and a host of other actions that used to be the sole responsibility of the adults in our society.

There are two main driving forces at work in trying to shape society in the United States: one is the destruction of any source of authority of the individual, and the second is the usurpation of personal authority by the government. Both are based on a falacy.

The first falacy is that the average parent is incapable of providing their children with what they need to meet all the demands of modern society. The biggest farce that's ever been visited upon children is the stupidity promoted by Dr. Benjamin Spock and others that told us "never, never, ever hurt a child". Psychologists tell us we "fail" our children, that we shouldn't touch our child to discipline them, and that most of what we do us "abuse". As a result, our children don't understand discipline at all, having never experienced it. Children NEED discipline. That's how they learn what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. Only by punishing them in a way that hurts (but not necessarily physical), can they ever learn that inappropriate behavior is to be avoided. Young children as small as three can get this message, but it has to be repeated until the child is grown enough to apply some self-discipline. Unfortunately, if a parent today swatted their child to discipline them, the ever-present hoard of social workers would swoop down like a pack of avenging angels to grab the children and spirit them away. In the meantime, our schools spiral out of control, crime is being committed by younger and younger children, and the psychologists throw up their hands, screaming "We don't know what's wrong".

What's wrong is that a bunch of "professionals decided they knew better than anyone else how parents should rear children, and forced their ideas upon the rest of us. They also refuse to accept responsibility when their grandios ideas don't work, and they refuse to acknowledge their methods are a failure for 70% or more of today's children.

The same thing is true of most "churches". They've stopped preaching the word of God, and center on teaching the commandments of men. God gets short-shifted, worship is more a community hug-along, and there's no steel in the spirit of today's worshipers. Churches have a hard time preaching about 'sin', so they stress 'forgiveness'. They encourage works, but not sacrifice. They preach togetherness, but not commitment. And most of all, they stay as far away as possible from that awful term, "accountability". Instead of standing up to them, most churches have sold out to the secularists, and preach the same psychobabble about "feelings", without ever worrying about the damage they're doing to lives in this world or the hereafter.

One of the sad things that we all have to admit is that when we ask who's to blame, we have to point the finger back at ourselves. We haven't taken the time to actually check to make sure whatever some snake-oil salesman is trying to sell is a legitimate product, or if there's true, undenyable evidence of what they're saying. We're "too busy". We have "too much on our plate". Yet it's our future, our happiness, our children, our souls, our money, we're talking about. What can be more important than that?

The entire "obesity" epidemic is based upon changing standards by the Surgeon General's office. The "acceptable weight" chart changed - not our eating habits, not our behavior, not our bodies, nor any other thing. By the stroke of a pen, a quarter of Americans were rendered "fat". Where's the evidence behind it? Oh, it's just a bunch of accountant's actuary tables that show that we'd live longer if we weighed less, based upon clumping us all together. People are individuals, not robots. They have physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, and historic differences that makes each one of us unique. Treating us as if we were made on an assembly line is the height of stupidity - and it's preached at the highest levels of our government.

Thirty years ago, we were all going to freeze to death due to the imminent Ice Age. Now we're all going to drown because of Global Warming. The actual science for either event isn't conclusive, yet the same people are pushing the panic button. DDT was "killing all the birds", and today 2 million in Africa die every year from malaria, because nations there can't use DDT to kill mosquitos. Is the science that DDT "kills birds" undeniable? No. But we can't change, we can't allow the use of DDT - it might harm someone. Forget the two million dead Africans, at least they're not killing birds and frogs. Smoking isn't illegal, yet millions are treated as if they have the plague because they were hooked on tobacco and find it difficult to quit. We screech at them that their smoke is killing others, yet all the evidence says it's not so. That doesn't keep our politicians and our doctors from using smoking as a whipping boy, and for treating those that do smoke as pariahs.

It's time to take the world back from the control freaks that fill the ranks of so many of today's "professions". It's time to retake the rights of the individual to live as they choose, as long as they cause no harm to others. It's time to force the control freaks to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the truth of their words, and to hold them accountable not only for their words, but for their behavior. Let us speak truth to power, and let us retake the power of the individual in a free society. It's time to apply a little of that psychobabble back on the perpetrators - a little "tough love" as we slam the door in their face and return to the historical behavior handed down through generations - the behavior that worked. God has created for us a model of how we are to live. It works. When we fail to follow it, or when deliberately turn our backs on it, we're the ones that suffer. When we obey His word, we prosper. No amount of psychobabble can alter the circumstance - God's way works, Man's way fails, as it always has, and always will.


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