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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Photos do in Another BS Story

The images posted on the CBS website caused Dan Rather's downfall. The photos on the online edition of "La Republica" will do in our little Italian witch's story (thanks to Captain's Quarters for the link.)

I spent the majority of my Air Force career interpreting reconnaissance imagery. I know the business inside and out. Here is my analysis after looking at the six images:

There are no visible holes in the roof.
There are no visible holes in the hood.
There are no visible holes in the left door.
The headlights and other front lights are intact.
The windshield is not shattered (if it were hit with more than a half-dozen rounds, it would have shattered completely).
One news report stated that the vehicle was a pickup truck, but it's obviously a four-door sedan.
The rear window is intact (a large-caliber bullet going through the front windshield would shatter the rear window).
There are what appear to be two bullet holes in the windshield. The object circled in blue on the photos is something on the instrument panel, not a bullet hole. This photograph from La Republica labelled esterne08201222083201407 shows these holes best.

The entire episode is beginning to look as bad as the Eason Jordan/Dan Rather/NY Times "explosives" stories. What's-her-face (I won't give her any more publicity by using her name) is a bald-faced liar, and the photos prove it.

UPDATE: After taking another look at the windshield, I still think these are caused by small-caliber (5.56mm) rounds, but an alternative is that they are caused by rocks on the highway. While that's possible, I don't think it's probable, seeing the overall condition of the left side of the vehicle in question.


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