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Friday, November 05, 2004

Why George Bush was Re-elected

The amount of ink written about "how the Republicans stole the election", or "how stupid Middle America is" would probably fill Lake Superior, and overflow into Lake Huron. For those geographically challenged, those are two of the larger Great Lakes on our northern border with Canada. As for most of the writing, it was a waste of good ink.

There are many reasons George Bush was re-elected - and yes, I DO mean RE-ELECTED. Get over the false dichotomy that Bush "stole" the first election in 2000. That bit of idiocy, and the hate generated to support it, was one of the big reasons for the trouncing Democrats received at the hand of the people. The main energizing activity of the entire election on the part of the Democrats was hate. The entire campaign was based on negatives, and boiled down to "Anybody but Bush". Presidents aren't elected because they're not someone else, they're elected because they ARE who they are.

That brings up the next major problem the Democrats had - they picked a lousy candidate. What's even more depressing is that it was probably the second-best candidate they could put forward. Their best candidate was Joe Lieberman, but he was eliminated early in the primary race by the extremely energetic, hate-filled Democratic "faithful".

Then there was the platform: "I served in Vietnam". That's it, or at least, all I heard, other than "I can do anything Bush did, only better", with nothing to support the asumption. The United States has some serious problems. Contrary to what the Democratic party WANTS to think, we're at war with a determined enemy that will do anything at all to cause us harm. They've caused us some half-trillion dollars in damages over the past thirty years, and the Democrats STILL can't see them for what they are - enemies of our Republic and its people. These people are not criminals, they are tyrants, and their goal is to destroy our nation and its society.

We are in a period of evolutionary change that is eliminating some jobs and creating others. The education level needed, the skill set required for the new jobs are totally different from those of the jobs that were lost. That means a dramatic need for re-educating and retraining tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. The Democratic party's answer to the problem was to try to turn back the clock.

Our borders leak like sieves, our courts think they're the legislative branch, our government is bloated with useless offices and unneeded agencies (some left over from the Spanish-American war!), our moral values under attack, and our schools failing more students than they're helping. Where was the Democratic party on ANY of these issues? Certainly not out in front, leading - most of the time the Democratic party was doing its best to maintain the status quo. When that failed, they tried to hold the COUNTRY back, by not allowing anyone else to make the changes most people see as necessary.

The "average American" has several deep concerns. They include whether or not they'll be able to earn a decent income, whether or not prices will remain relatively stable, whether or not they will leave their children either a better place, or at least one that hasn't lost ground, whether or not their children will get the education they need to succeed in the future, whether or not the moral values they try to impart to their children won't be over-written by a bunch of amoral zealots who believe that all values are "relative", and anything goes. They want to be able to plan for retirement with the reasonable expectation that they can enjoy it. They want good health care at reasonable prices, and they don't want to have to go through the government to get it. They want to be able to turn on the television, or the radio, or go to the movies, and not feel ashamed or soiled. They believe the bedrock of American success is individual freedom, the security of private property, equal justice under the law, and equal opportunity, regardless of race, creed, sex, color, marital status, ethnic origin, or place of birth. They love their country, are proud of its achievements, sorrow in its failures, and understand its flaws. The majority of them believe in God, and worship Him regularly. They honor the people that stand ready to secure and protect their freedoms, whether they're military, police, firemen, their minister, or the guy next door. They put great faith in personal character, and look for honesty, integrity, loyalty, faith, and generosity in their leaders.

There wasn't much of any of that on display by the Democratic party in the 2004 election season, and the American people responded accordingly.


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