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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Night(mare)

As one of the 11% of Americans with a tinnitus problem (ringing in the ears), and 3% with a hyperacusis problem (noise causes pain), I don't watch television or listen to the radio. This year, there are enough Internet blogs that I can pretty well keep up with the news, but not be the source of any of the "groundbreaking reports". Hey, nobody ever said life would be fair, only that I'd have an "equal opportunity to try". I've had between fifteen and twenty websites open most of the evening, checking out the latest results. Now, at midnight, Mountain Standard Time, it looks like a clear win for President Bush, a big gain for the Republicans in the Senate (but not in my state - and I don't like the Democratic candidate who's winning, for lots of excellent personal and professional reasons), and also gains for the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Again, though, the Red/Blue break worries me. We're becoming a nation more and more divided. If you get a county-by-county breakdown, it's even more revealing that the Democrats are urbanites, and the Republicans are suburbanites and rural Americans.

It's been a long night, but an informative one. I've found two or three sites I'll be proud to add to my list of favorites, and a few that I'll make sure AREN'T on my list. CNN, for one, needs to hire some adults. The Demoronic party needs to find some, both to present as candidates, and to run the party. To do that, they'll first have to start building a platform that makes sense, instead of being totally fiction. Most of what I've said about John Kerry has been vindicated tonight. Unfortunately, the folks in Massachusetts have drifted so far from their Pilgrim roots as to be totally senseless about sending people to Washington. Why do they need a Kennedy clone when they have the real thing?

The only question remaining to be answered is how far will the idiots on the left carry their voter fraud and legal gambits in an attempt to "retake" the White House. I expect we'll know some of the answers by morning.


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