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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Media's 15% Boost

Early in this year's presidential campaign, the media semi-secretly boasted that they would provide John Kerry as much as a 15% boost over his opponent, George Bush. Most of the polls today, the last day before the election, show Bush leading Kerry 50%-45%. If we take the media seriously, that means that John Kerry really only has about a 30% popularity with American voters. That sounds about right to me.

The Democrats plan to cheat, and cheat big in this election. Even with that, there's a very definite chance their man will lose. John Kerry is simply not a popular person, either among Democrats or among undecided voters. He has the apathy, if not downright antipathy, of everyone who serves, or has served, in the military. He has proven time and time again that he's a Johnson Democrat - keep taxes high, screw intelligence and defense, micromanage everything, and buy as many votes for next time as you can, using the US Treasury to do it. He is afraid of our enemies, and has done some major damage to our relations with many nations around the world. He has at least two stances on every issue, and is so "nuanced" not even his wife understands what he's talking about.

The sad thing is, this is the best the Democrats could do without tearing their party apart, and even that may still happen. The FAR left, those to the left of Michael Moore and Howard Dean, aren't satisfied. The conservative Democrats are so horrified they're voting for Bush in droves. Kerry Democrats are holding their nose and casting their vote for him because they absolutely hate George Bush, not because they care about John Kerry.

A president with that kind of following is the LAST thing this nation needs during a time of war. It's especially true when the Democrats can't bring themselves to actually accept that we ARE at war, and that it was declared against us, and none of our doing.

I pray that George Bush wins by a large enough majority that all the conniving of the media, all the fraud of the Democratic Party, and all the frothing of a number of foreign national leaders, is for naught. I'll gladly don my shooter's earphones and relax, smiling, while the left scream in defeat.


Blogger Alaska Paul said...

The thing that keeps sticking in my mind is the level of Bush hate. It is pathological. It reminds me of the same thing directed at Lyndon Johnson in the sixties. I believe that it is the result of deliberate manipulation by the ultra left, which whips up the hatred by playing to people's fears. The ultra left has outdone itself this time. The issue is not the thing, the hate is designed to destroy this nation from within.

9:32 PM  

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