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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kill (politically) the Democrats

It's time to acknowledge a basic truth that is going to hurt some people's feelings. The Democratic Party puts its personal power and prestige above the needs of the United States. This is the path to tyranny.

We've seen enough examples over the past five years to be able to say this with complete confidence. The Democratic party is the leader by a wide margin in voting "irregularities" - better known as cheating. The Democrats want to promote judges that will legislate from the bench, such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, than those that will judge based upon the written words of the Constitution and the law of the United States. The Democratic Party is more interested in stifling the Republicans than it is in passing needed legislation on the budget, border control, national defense, or any other issue.

The oath taken by every single congresscritter is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and to bear true faith and allegience to it. The majority of Democrats, and all too many Republicans, put re-election and other personal interests above the needs of the nation.

There is only one way to end this political death spiral: the 17th Amendment MUST be repealed, and senators once more be appointed by the governors of the 'several states', as originally intended.

Our founding fathers were a lot smarter than most of today's lawmakers take them to be. They understood that direct election of candidates would result in office going to the highest bidder. They established a check on this by having Senators appointed by the governors of the states, with the approval of the State Senate. They had a very definite reason for this: the lower house would be elected to represent the will of the people. The upper house would be appointed by governors to preserve the rights and privileges of the states. By appointing senators, those senators would be people the governor best felt would represent the interests of the state, rather than the people or the largest contributor to their election campaign. This would "remove the money" from senatorial appointments. It would also protect the states from unfunded mandates and the erosion of the vested powers inherent in the state.

The 17th Amendment destroyed that, and our nation has suffered greviously for it. Today, a Senator is just a more powerful Representative, more interested in getting re-elected than in protecting states' rights. Their vote is often decided by outside interests that may have no bearing on the needs or desires of the state involved. The entire practice of 'earmarks' has come about because of the direct election of senators.

We will never get a balanced budget until senators are once more appointed, rather than elected. We will never get the 17th Amendment repealed as long as there is a Democratic Party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The root of this problem is the cost and profit center election has become.
My soloution is a bit different. It requires doing a psych analysis of current office holders.
Start with this question "Why do they want this job?"
The answers fall in these subsets..
1) They believe they are the best person for the job. These folks are crazy and have no biz being in gov.
2) They believe they can change things for the better. (whatever the hell better is in their minds..) These folks are either a bit dim or fools.
3) They are in it for the power. These folks are dangerous.
4) They are crooks in some way or form
Most national pols in their second term would fit this mold.
5) They are owned by somebody and are that entities face in gov.

Now.. I don't find any of these attractive.. An average random joe would be better. It takes awhile to learn how to be a good crook. But, this only works without lobbyist and professional aides.

So... How about randomly selecting n-citizens for each primary. They are not permitted to refuse (sort of like the ancient greek blackballing). Full bios would be provided to the voters and no campagining. The voters would vote rankings for each. The top 2 would be run off. Terms would be one time. Professional lobbyists outlawed....
This doesn't give you excellence but doesn't give you the current shameful situation of near total corruption...

Just my random 2 cents.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that your solution to the problem is perhaps a bit off centered and biased. Republicans, of late have shown a great affinity to engage in activities that are questionable and focused entirely on retaining and increasing their hold on the body politic. Need I remind you that the Republicans hold the Presidency and both houses of Congress and yet we have one of the largest deficits in our history. Based on the gerrymandering that went on in Texas to ensure Republican contol of the various congressional districts, what makes you think that Republicans would support a repeal of the 17th amendment. What makes you think that the governors and state legislatures are any less corrupt and manipulative then the Feds? You have lived too long in the Republicam La-la land of Colorado Springs.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old patriot? Old scoundrel, you mean. A funny buncha shit you pour out there, good buddy

5:51 PM  

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