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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Insanity of Islam

Three things have happened lately that have proven that Islam is an insane "religion".

First was the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed, the "prophet that was given the Quran, second was the destruction of the Samarrah mosque, and thirdly was the threat of death to a Christian Afghan convert. All should be an eye-opener.

The Quran is supposedly the "Last Truth of Allah", supposedly the same God as that of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Noah, Jacob and David, Joshua and Jesus. Yet most of the words of the Quran directly contradict the words of Moses, handed down by God Himself at Mt. Sinai.

The whole "faith" of Islam originated with a dispute over who was the true descendant of Abraham - Ishmael, son of Abraham by Hannah, Abraham's wife Sarah's handmaiden, or Isaac, Sarah's son. The Jews and Christianity assert that God chose Isaac to be the "father" of the Tribe of Israel, the "chosen people" to bring His teachings to the world. Islam claims that Ishmael, not Isaac, was the chosen one. Reading the Quran and comparing it with the Bible, it doesn't take long to discover that it's the "anti-Bible". Those differences call into question the entire legitimacy of the Quran and Islam.

First, we need to totally destroy the idiotic assumption that Mohammed was the "last Prophet". God is much smarter than human beings, and knows that His people are going to wander astry from time to time. He's going to need prophets, apostles, and a host of other helpers to bring them back to His path. He's not going to limit Himself by declaring that so-and-so is the "last prophet". That kind of thinking leads to insane beliefs and incoherent practices - as we observe in Islam today. Nor is God going to limit Himself to speaking through a single book - whether it's the Bible, the Quran, or the Kama Sura, or Oprah's monthly magazine. He speaks to each of us, if we're willing to listen for Him. The Bible itself shows how God changed His methods, but never His Message, from Adam through Jesus.

Let's also look at the cartoon kerfluffle for a few minutes. It's an "insult to Islam" to depict the "Prophet Mohammed", especially in a disrespectful manner. God said, "Thou shall have no other Gods before Me". The practice of Islam elevates Mohammed to the level just under God, and his words and deeds, his appearances, are elevated to so rarified a level that it's an "insult" to depict him in photos or drawings. How close to "worship" does that become? There's no such restrictions against depicting Adam and Eve, or Abraham, or Moses, or any other Biblical character (even God Himself) - only the restriction against WORSHIPING likenesses, idols, or any other thing. Islam, and ONLY Islam, carries such behavior to the next level.

One of the greatest Gifts God gave mankind was the ability to choose - to choose to worship God, or to turn against Him. His gift is evident in the behavior of Adam and Eve in the very beginning of His relationship with His Creation. Adam and Eve were allowed to disobey God, to sin. Islam steals that God-given Gift by insisting that everyone MUST choose Islam, or be subject to slavery or murder. The preachings of Islam are often imposed by the Sword (force), rather than by the Will of God. Those that turn against these teachings are marked for death by the leaders of Islam. The teachings of Islam are IMPOSED, rather than CHOSEN, a good indication that this is not the will of the One True God, who granted us the ability to choose. God could have imposed His will with Adam and Eve, but chose not to. Islam attempts to undo this choice that God Himself made. This creates a religion of intolerance, frozen in
place, limited to the capabilities and beliefs of its seventh-century founders. It also limits the ability to make rational, logical decisions from conflicting data, and limits the ability to adjust to changes in the world, and in people.

No other "religion" so controls everyday life as Islam. These controls have limited the growth of Muslims intellectually, scientifically, culturally, and spiritually. Islam is supposed to be the "religion of submission". In practice, it's the religion of slavery - slavery to a particular belief, lifestyle, and behavior where any significant change is considered apostacy and deserving of death. Islam destroys freedom, restricts the intellectual growth of its members, stifles creativity, and limits the spiritual growth of its proponents to the seventh-century mindset of its founder. It's a fraud - a terrible, satanic inposition of a cult masquerading as a " benevolent" religion. There is no need to respect it, cater to it, or accept any protestations it might raise. It deserves no more attention than the cult of Jim Jones in Guyana.

Islam is even more - it is dedicated to the destruction of all Christians and Jewish beliefs. Why? - because it cannot survive in competition against the glorious freedom of the self that Christian and Jewish beliefs grant each person. It cannot compete with any other religion except by force. Forceful conversion is slavery, and must be condemned in the harshest language possible. It is essential that Christians especially, and all of Western civilization in general, understand that Islam poses a direct threat against all freedoms we enjoy. Only the most stringent defense will protect us from the threatening environment of war, poverty, and dispair that Islam brings. We are in a war against a fanatical enemy for the very essence of our civilization. Either we stand against Islam, or we will be overwhelmed by it. Such an event would be a catastrophe for all humanity.


Blogger Stitches77 said...

Very interesting. I agree with you completely. I'm going to read over some of your other posts.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must agree with the views posted by
'The Old Patriot.' However his information doesn't quite go far enough to explain why Islam is being permitted (and even encouraged by some of the worlds' most powerful entities) to expand despite the fact that it is clearly a false religion and is responsible for much of the worlds' problems, not the least of which are to be found not just primarily in the Middle East, but in Western Europe as well as in the U.S.
The ultra rich, New World Order (examples: The Illuminati, The CIA, International Bankers [those who set up the Federal Reserve and continue to support it etc.]) consider themselves above the, and any, law(s.) People such as these have no conscience, no national alignment nor any patriotic association with any particular nation/country or government of man and couldn't care less which sort of government might exist wherever, so long as they can maintain or expand their control and/or power.
Islam is a very convenient (to them) tool to be used to aide in their plan to reduce the worlds' population by 90% or more. Ultimately, it is a war against the enemy of both God, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob ... and most definitely not 'allah.' l.c. use intentional, ...i.e. Satan! We know that Satan was a thief, a liar and a murderer from early on. It is also know, from reliable historical records, that the so-called 'last prophet' Muhammad, was also a thief, a liar, a murderer and a pedophile. What better way to start a 'new' and false religion which espouses violent conversion than one begun by the enemy of both God and man?

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come off it... I'm an atheist and to me All religions are insane BS (just at different levels).
To begin with Christianity is a cheap hack of Much older religions, literally re-telling stories from Assyrian, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Sumerian religions with the names and places changed. There never was an historical Jesus Christ: he's a metaphorical personage of the Sun in the sky, as all these religions come from the same root: sun-worship. That's why he's the "son" of God, appears in a cloud, walks on water (sunlight does that on seas and lakes, ya know), turns water into wine (sunshine on grapes!), etc. The whole death-rebirth thing is what the ancients believed about the Sun in the sky: which is why December 25th (the Winter Solstice) is so bloody important! Not just to Christianity but All the major pre-Christian religions. For The Sun gives light, warmth, makes the crops grow. Take it away, the sun Sets (Set was the Egyptian god of Darkness/Evil and was rewritten millennia later as Satan) and you have Darkness. That's where the Binary reasoning of Good/Evil and Black/White and all the rest comes from... There are no statues, no drawings, no signatures etc. of Christ for the simple reason he never existed--and yet at the time this level of art and culture was maturing--we have busts and statues of Greek philosophers, copies of their writings, but nothing First Hand of Christ!

Then we have a cheap knockoff religion of Christianity which is more of a despot's power put to pen: Muhammad was a true murderer, thief, pedophile--it's All Documented! Yes, he actually lived (Unfortunately!) and he's the personification of what playing god does to a man! Total, insane worship--obey or die! All this shit in the name of an invisible concept! All these murders. Religions turn people against people. Religions Divide people into fighting factions and are used to justify mass murder! And they are so much alike but you can't see it can you? Christians pick and choose the good parts of their Bible--but ignore the bloody rest. Muslims at least eat the whole bit of their Kuran up, bloody parts And good parts and let it all out! You're both killing one another over Nothing though! Oh, and the Sword was used to convert Christians as well as Muslims or are you going to forget about those historic periods because it's CONVENIENT? It goes both ways and it's why I'm an Atheist and damned proud of it!

5:22 PM  

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