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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"What happened to Rantburg?"

Got this question in one of the comments. The truth is, I don't know. I just know it's down. I'm assuming that it was hacked, battered, and bloodied. Fred's probably under the hood right now, tinkering, cleaning up the cesspool leavings of the script kiddies that visited, fumigating the place and setting everything in order. The O-Club will need new carpets, new waitresses/waiters (shorter skirts/thinner shirts, depending upon taste), a new menu, and new management. We'll keep the barkeep - he's ok! The sinktrap needs fumigating, and whatever remains in there flushed to a toxic waste dump somewhere beyond the boundaries of MY state! Fred needs to hire a new bouncer, also - I recommend Erik Broadaxe XIV, if he's available. Axe supplied at no extra charge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OP, this was the response of one of the Rantburg moderators to my anguished query on 2/1/06,

"Yes, we got hacked. No, I don't know who, but whoever it was knew what they were doing.

Fred, badanov, 3dc, and .com are working on it, talkin' all kinds of technobabble that's way above my pay grade."

I sent off an envelope with beer money in it to keep them going, all except .com, who'll provide his own Earl Grey anyhow...

Just so you know at least as much as I do. ;-)

9:53 PM  

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