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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union: What are the REAL Issues?

This is an open thread, seeking suggestions from the readers for what they think SHOULD have been included in last night's address that wasn't. Please feel free to say as much or little as you wish.

I find three things that trouble me: the failure to deal with the true problem of Islam, the failure of the United States to address the border issue, and the problem of addressing those that wish to destroy this nation by locking up, hiding, destroying, controlling, and banning anything and everything in order that no one be "offended". If anyone can't deal with a little "offending" now and then, they don't belong in the United States, regardless of their birthplace. Being offended is one of those things that build character, just as failure is. If some would have their way, we would become a nation without character, but "safe" from just about everything. What a miserable life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there were only three things that bothered you about the State of the Union address, then you are relatively satisfied with being represented by an incompetent and corrupt administration. No new solutions were offered and no end in sight to the increasing budget deficit. Can 2008 come soon enough?

7:20 AM  

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