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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Looking for Some Help.

I'm a retired Air Force NCO and a disabled veteran. I can't look back on my 26 years in the Air Force and say "that's when I did it", because there were some 50 or 60 things that "contributed" to more than a dozen different "medical" problems I have today. Most of the problems I have result in pain which may or may not respond to medication. I'm driving my local Primary Care Manager slightly crazy, as he tries to find a way to treat this mess. Some of the things he would normally do to treat one problem actually make other problems worse. He's not to the point where he's pulling his hair out, but he's getting there...

A friend of mine recommended that I see a psychiatrist who specializes in helping people deal with chronic pain. She said that a pain-management psychiatrist would better know how to balance the need for pain relief with the side effects of various drugs, how to use non-drug methods that would help with some of my problems, and how to treat the entire set of problems, instead of trying to relieve symptoms. She also said that only a psychiatrist would be able to truly treat the neurological and neuropsychological problems that go hand-in-hand with some of my physical problems.

My problem is, I can't find one - at least, not one that will accept a Tricare Prime (military medical insurance) patient. There isn't one listed on the Internet that I can find, and I haven't been able to get in touch with a friend of mine who is a Child Psychiatrist, to see if he could recommend anyone. If anyone has a lead I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Blogger That Broad said...

This may seem a silly suggestion, but if you have not tried it, I recommend that you do try Massage. Find a good neuromuscular therapist. They will usually have N.M.T after their name.

Being from the Springs area myself, I know we have a great number of good therapists here.

It might take several visits, and is not a cure all, but honestly having worked in the Massage Business myself, I do believe, and have seen people with chronic pain get some relief with massage.

My mother has had 3 back surgeries, and a fusion in her lumbar vertebrae, and she is the reason I even went to massage school.

Honestly, try it. I believe you will be glad you did.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Old Patriot said...

I tried that for awhile, and it did work. I was working with Ed Belding of "In Motion Physical Therapy". He did some magnificant manipulations, I had a good workout program, and some things were better. Unfortunately, I had too many problems, and while what he did eased some of them, it made others worse. I'm still doing some of the exercises he taught me, and I've replaced my exercise ball - for the third time! Unfortunately, Ed doesn't take Tricare. I tried a couple of others, but the results weren't anywhere near as good.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call around to pain amangement specialists and see who takes TriCare. Anesthesia Associates are often pain specialists on the side, or know people who are.


9:00 PM  

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