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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Court-Ordered Murder

I haven't written about Terri Shiavo before, because I couldn't get my ideas about the case in order. Her court-sanctioned - ordered - starvation and eventual death will begin tomorrow unless someone intervenes to stop it.

Terri Shiavo doesn't require help to breathe, or to keep her heart beating. She doesn't lie in bed totally comatose, with only minimal brain functions. Her only handicap is that she cannot move, so she can't feed herself or take care of herself. Is there any difference between Terri Shiavo and a deaf-mute quadraplegic?

Terri Shiavo has been sentenced to die because she's an inconvenience to her current husband, and an obstacle to his wishes and desires. In the meantime, she's been abused, neglected, and mistreated - frequently because of limitations her husband has imposed on those providing medical and physical care to his parylized wife.

Starving to death the most wretched, convicted mass-murderer of all time, denying that convicted felon the best of medical care possible, or failing to treat any medical or physical condition of that prisoner, however minor, would result in tens of thousands protesting, a host of lawyers filing lawsuits and appeals, and marches in every major city in America, protesting this "cruel and unusual punishment".

Yet Terri Shiavo is sentenced to die this way because it's her husband's wish, and he's testified it's his wife's wish, but with nothing but his word to substantiate that fact. Hearsay evidence at its worst, from someone who stands to gain considerably from the act.

The Sixth Commandment is, "Thou shall not kill." Our Declaration of Independence says that among our unalienable rights that Government cannot take from us, except through "due process, and only for specific reasons, is "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Yet a judge has ordered Terry Shiavo to be deprived of her life - to be starved to death - to satisfy the wishes of her husband.

Terri Shiavo's death will be murder, premeditated and with malice. Both the judge who issued this order and Terri Shiavo's adulterous husband will be guilty of the crime. Whether they will succeed in killing Terri isn't yet known, but they WILL be punished, either in this world or the next. Killing Terri Shiavo is just as unconscionable as the killings at Columbine, or the deaths of schoolchildren in Belsan, Russia. Worse yet, it establishes the precedent that a judge can order someone to be killed with no more reason behind it than it's another person's wishes. This is a dangerous step down the slippery slope to tyranny, and the beginning of the end for individual freedom and personal dignity.


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