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Monday, November 08, 2004

Healing, or Heeling?

Via Swimming through the Spin:

We should let you rot. We should secede and leave you to fend for yourselves. Then you will see firsthand just how dependent you are. We are sick of fighting for you by fighting against you. Perhaps, when you see how dreary your lives have become without us, you will finally develop the spine to fight for your basic, human rights. And then we will gladly confront the plutocracy alongside you. We need your help to defeat the Blue Republicans, who, I assure you, are just as decadent as we are, though often richer.

This screed is taken from this article in The Register, a British newspaper.

Here it is complete, with my comments:

With hard work and superb organization, you have triumphed over John Kerry and the forces of Blue-state paternalism.

This outlines the first, and perhaps most serious problem of the Left: their belief that we are children that need adult supervision - from them. Unfortunately, they really BELIEVE this.
Clue #1: The 'red states' contain the majority of the country's farmers, dairymen, cattlemen, oilfield workers, machinists, truckers, and much, much more. The red states are where most of the stuff the blue-staters consume are produced. The people that do the hard work of creating what the rest of the nation - indeed, a large part of the world - consumes on a daily basis are not 'the elite' of society, but the middle class. They tend to vote about 3-1 Republican. They also tend to be the most innovative, the most inventive, and the most progressive - in the true sense of "creating progress".

The multinational corporations that hold you in bondage remain free to profit off your sweat nearly tax free, while their overpaid senior execs continue to pay a pittance in personal income tax.

Clue #2: The heads of the large "multinational corporations" supported your guy more than they did George Bush. John Forbes Kerry and his multi-millionaire wife paid less in taxes than the average doctor or lawyer in 'red-state' America. His running mate, John Edwards, made millions suing doctors in North Carolina. Do a Google Search, and see how much this has hurt North Carolina medical care. But that's right, you're going to make health care "free", aren't you? Guess you've never heard of TANSTAAFL - "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" - or free medical care, either.

Your primary and secondary schools will continue to turn out third-rate pupils with limited opportunities, while you enjoy the satisfaction of making it on your own without health care when a catastrophic illness bankrupts your family.

Clue #3: The reason our schools turn out such poor pupils is because the ^%$#^%#$ teachers' unions insist on keeping poor teachers on the payroll, refusing to allow parents access to textbook committees, have a hissy-fit about testing, and tend to vote Democratic 9-1. They also engage in unwanted, unneeded "social engineering experiments" with students, and refuse to be held accountable when these "experiments" fail.
Clue #4: The reason health care is so expensive is because doctors have to pay exhorbitant malpractice insurance premiums, order extra tests, and do all kinds of unneeded things to protect themselves from the out-of-control malpractice industry of the trial lawyers - another heavily-Democratic group.

Your agricultural universities will continue issuing Ph.D.s in football, and bogus Protestant Evangelical and Fundamentalist theology, and how to jerk off a bull safely.

Oh, we do have a high opinion of ourselves, don't we? Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back - you can't afford the doctor's visit.

Your children will learn to borrow enough money to erect chicken houses so that they, like you, can take custody -- not possession, but custody -- of Tyson's chicks, feed them, rear them, assume losses from those that fail to thrive, and in the end earn just enough money to service their endless debt, and realize a profit of perhaps $12K a year. Your bank thanks you; Tyson thanks you; George W. Bush thanks you; and I thank you.

I don't know where THAT screed came from, but last time I heard, Hillary was a big investor in Tyson. Maybe you've got George and Bill confused - after all, they're both white males, aren't they? "They all look alike to me".

You can continue sending your sons to die in Iraq on a fool's errand. When you bury them, you can console yourselves with Bush's platitudes about their heroic mission to defend America from weapons of mass destruction.

Clue #5: MOST Americans understand that we are at war, and that we've been at war for some time. While the enemy isn't a nation-state this time, the warfare is still a threat. We respond to threats by destroying them, not by trying to appease them. Our professional, all-volunteer military is the best in the world, and our parents don't send us anywhere. As for a fool's errand, I think Afghanistan has proved that it IS possible to create a democratic, peaceful state in the Middle East, and that the people in that area would prefer to be governed rather than ruled - another lesson the Democratic Party has failed to learn.

You can savor the deficit spending that stimulates commerce today, but will cripple the US economy in ten or fifteen years' time when the bills come due with interest. Perhaps a Democrat will be in office at that time, who can be blamed for W's delayed economic fiasco.

Clue #6: The United States has been in debt just about since it was founded. The largest part of the US debt has come from fighting wars - the last few under DEMOCRATIC leadership (WWII, Korea, Vietnam). Reagan's (and JFK's) tax cuts prove that it's exhorbitant tax rates, not deficits, that stagnate and destroy an economy, not the deficit. But keep lying to yourself - I'm sure you can create a self-fulfilling prophesy if you work hard enough at it.

You can continue believing, as Republican Party brainwashing has persuaded you, that we, your neighbors, are your enemies. You can believe that we have no morals; that we pimp out our teenage daughters for Internet porn; that we eat babies; that we are all gay; that we are cowards on the battlefield; and that we want to run your lives and give you AIDS.

Clue #7: We don't consider you our enemies - or at least, we didn't until you proved you were. Republicans didn't break into Democratic offices, spray paint vulgarities across the walls, slash tires, shoot out windows, and physically intimidate staff workers. Red-state Americans didn't preach hate the way Michael Moore, P. Diddly, and the other Hollywood "elite" did. Red-state Americans aren't suggesting that the President be assassinated, or call for impeachment of any Democrats. Red-state Americans aren't trying to force their religion down YOUR throat the way you're trying to force your secularism down OURS. The Republican candidate didn't consort with the enemy during a war. I think you need to take a good, long look at your mirror - I think then you'll be able to see who is preaching the hate this year.

Here's a clue: we are not your enemies; we are your countrymen. Your enemies are the greedy multinationals that the Republican Party bends over backwards to accommodate. Incidentally, most of them are based in Blue states, as are their Republican owners and major shareholders.

Clue #8: The Republican party isn't the party of "global tests", of "reaching out" to the only supposed allies who have sworn repeatedly they will not help us. The Republican Party isn't the party calling our allies in the War against Terror the "coalition of the bribed and coerced". Take a good, long look at Teresa Heinz Kerry's "Tides Foundation" to see a truly multinationalist organization. Look at International A.N.S.W.E.R., the flower-child of Communist Agitprop in the United States. These are NOT Republican organizations.

Here in the Blue States, Democrats and Republicans alike generate the lion's share of America's wealth, although it is you Reds who provide the lion's share of the stoop labor. You are our Mexicans, so to speak. We could not have accomplished the economic miracle that is America without your willing capitulation to a system that lies to you and fucks you over at every turn.

Clue #9: You generate NOTHING. You "handle the money" that hard work, dedication, and skill create. You refer to us disdainfully as "our Mexicans": you are so ignorant of economics it absolutely hurts. Entrepreneurship, small (under 70 employees) business, account for more than half the wealth in this nation. Quite a large number of those are in the red-state area - possibly a majority of them, since these areas aren't so hostile to them. Even larger businesses are looking to relocate to red-state areas, where the tax burden isn't so heavy, and the costs of operating so high. You are the "next Europe" - the place facing the brain-drain as people with intelligence flee, where businesses relocate to escape your outlandish socialist agenda.
Clue #10: Capitalism works, socialism destroys. Watch France and Germany as they implode slowly, thanks to the burden of socialist practices. Or go look at a REAL history of Russia, 1917-1991, and see what the "socialist workers' paradise" was really like.

Look at economic output and educational achievement on a state-by-state basis: it's painfully evident that we Blues are immensely more productive and better educated than you Reds. We have lots more money. We live longer. We eat better. We work less. We fuck more. We do cocaine and smoke fine Canadian buds, not the homebrew crank and cheap Mexican headache reefer you guys are stuck with. We drink French wine and Stoli martinis, not Budweiser. Our children rarely bother us: we've got them on Ritalin and Prozac. Our teeth are straighter and whiter, our necks longer, and our fingernails cleaner. And many of us are the Republican elite who have just punked you.

I doubt I could find a more fitting condemnation of the Democratic party than that. Educational achievement? Older schools, more "prestigious" schools, but actual achievement? I don't believe that. Economic output? If you consider banking "economic output", perhaps. More money? Possibly true. Live longer? I don't think so - I think the majority of centegenarians live in red-state country.

It's good to be a Blue, regardless of which party you join.

Understandably, you resent us, so you've fabricated an imaginary measure of superiority: Christian "values." Yet you talk about values the way a pre-teen girl talks about "love" in fan letters to Ashton Kutcher. You recycle quasi-religious platitudes and received slogans. You know nothing of moral theology, a rigorous philosophical pursuit that hardly exists outside the Catholic Church and its elite universities. You make of the Bible what you will; you attend prayer meetings with other semi-literates, where you reinforce each other's sloppy understandings of the text, and combine them with half-digested bits of old-timey Hallmark-card "wisdom." And when you spout gibberish, you call it "speaking in tongues." You actually fancy that you're saints, you silly, narcissistic creatures.

Boy, do you REALLY hate us! Resent you? Not at all! Pity you? I did before I read this screed. Now there's nothing left but contempt. You are so full of "wisdom", you are so superior. Gaaaack! Deliver me from morons with a superiority complex. I think you really need to read that Bible you hate so much. There are thousands of verses that talk about the problem you have - one of them might help you. Lord knows you need it!

Nevertheless, you are fellow Americans. The Blue Republican elite encouraged you to vote for George W Bush, because they quite simply own him, and they know that his administration will make policies that help them, even if hurt you. We Blue Democrats voted for John Kerry because we believed he would minister to your needs better than Bush. A President Kerry would have shared some of our wealth with you, assured your health care, raised the minimum wage, and checked the rapacious greed of the multinationals that hold you in thrall.

As an Independent Bush-voter, I cast my ballot because I knew John Forbes Kerry would remake the United States into another "old Europe" failed economy, just as you project. Look at France, Germany, Belgium, and see what Kerry would have done here. Gross Domestic Product growth of less than 2% per year. Unemployment figures in the double digits. Inflation in double digits. Taxes doubled, possibly even tripled. Sorry, I've already lived under ONE Jimmy Carter presidency, I don't need or want another one. As a military veteran, I already have "free" health care, and know how worthless it is, and how long it takes to get an appointment. I also know how "less than first class" my medical service is. Take a look at Canada, and their "vaunted" health service, or the United Kingdom, and theirs. I don't want OUR medical services to reach that depth of dispair.

As for minimum wage, hiking the minimum wage only destroys entry-level jobs, stagnates the economy, and makes the unemployment statistics worse. It makes you feel good, while hurting tens of millions.

Every paragraph you write highlights your self-proclaimed intelligence, and shows it for the fantasy it is.

President Kerry would have helped us to help you, which is all that we ask. It pains us to see you in wage slavery. It pains us to see you so ignorant and uneducated, and so eager to place yourselves in bondage. Yes, we live better; but we wish you to live better too, even if it means sacrifice on our part.

Clue #11: We don't want your help, we don't need your help, and we doubt we'd be able to SURVIVE your "help". Get the message? We are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. We are adults, with full intellectual capacities. We prefer to live where we do, the way we do - as INDEPENDENT of government as we possibly can.

What we wanted for you would have been far better than that which you, in your ignorant pride, demanded for yourselves. Oh, you defeated us all right, but only to your detriment.

We Blues will come out of the Bush era no worse for wear, although you Reds will come out very much diminished, deeper in debt, and less able to improve your circumstances by your own powers. But because you wish to be flattered more than helped, you will be grateful for your ass fucking from the Blue-state Republican elite that is laughing behind your backs today.

We did not wish it so. We honestly did want to help.

On 2 November, you thanked us by electing a shrewd, manipulative handmaiden to corporate America who panders to you while ruthlessly exploiting your ignorance and weakness for the benefit of his patrons in the national plutocracy. There is nothing we can do about that. You won fair and square.

We should let you rot. We should secede and leave you to fend for yourselves. Then you will see firsthand just how dependent you are. We are sick of fighting for you by fighting against you. Perhaps, when you see how dreary your lives have become without us, you will finally develop the spine to fight for your basic, human rights. And then we will gladly confront the plutocracy alongside you. We need your help to defeat the Blue Republicans, who, I assure you, are just as decadent as we are, though often richer.

Why don't you? Please? Don't go away mad, just go away. See how long it takes to find yourselves in such a disastrous strait, no one will talk to you. Go be another France, another Germany, another Belgium. Go destroy everything capable of sustaining you. Lock up the entire land area tighter than a miser's purse, force everyone to live in rat-infested cities, destroy the will to be creative by taxing it to death. Watch as the doctors flee by the tens of thousands. Watch as small businessmen lock their doors and relocate to a more business-friendly environment. Watch yourself screw into the ground at Mach 6. The rest of us believe in human dignity, the right to self-interest, the right to make our own decisions, fight our own fights, and make our own rules. If you don't like that, the best place for you is as far away as you can move yourselves.

But until you finally learn to respect yourselves, we can't respect you, and we therefore can't be bothered to give a rat's ass about you.

So let us secede, Blue America and Red America. We can handle the Blue state Republicans, so long as we don't have a lot of ignorant Red state lemmings frustrating our efforts and screwing themselves in the bargain. Secession will enable us both to live as we have chosen without the other's interference. We will prosper, and you will get a clue.

Fine, but we'll do it on a county-by-county basis, not state-by-state. That would be the only "fair" way to do it, wouldn't it? Allow each COUNTY to decide if it wants to be 'red' or 'blue'. Perhaps we'll trade you a couple of "red" counties in Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticutt for "blue" counties in the midwest. Or maybe they'll decide NOT to join you in your suicide pact. After all, it's THEIR lives on the line, not yours. Or would that not be "fair" in your book?

But do stay in touch after the borders slam shut. When you finally tire of living on the modern, corporate plantations of Cargill, Tyson, ConAgra and Smithfield; when you tire of shopping at Wal-Mart and sending your daughters to sling hash at Denny's in hopes that they'll meet the nicer sort of truck driver; when you tire of sneaking into Blue America as illegal white-trash wetbacks eager for casual work dusting our parlors; and when, like men, you finally rise up in rebellion against this immoral usury -- then, and only then, let us talk.

We'll gladly get your backs. But first you must grow the brains and the balls needed to profit from our help.

After reading this, I have to assume you're one of those 'over-educated idiots' my father warned me about some 40+ years ago. His warning is still valid, I see. So long, been nice knowing you. Don't write - we're not interested. And that border thing? Well, it works both ways. See ya! Enjoy the implosion, or the invasion, whichever comes first.

As usual, this screed is unsigned, except for coming from something called the "New Democrat Outreach Program". Any more reaching in my direction, and these "Democrats" are going to pull back a nub. That's another thing the "Democrats" don't seem to understand - the majority of our military is "conservative", and so are the majority of the rest of the nation willing to actually FIGHT for our survival. As Robert Heinlein once said, "those that 'ain't gonna study war no more' will only last as long as it takes for the next bunch of militant slobs to overrun them".

For those interested, take a look at this "Statistical Abstract" for a better insight, although outdated by a few years. I didn't have the time (or the interest) to dig any further. There's lots of interesting data there - comparative population growths, comparative tax rates, education statistics, comparative salaries and costs of living - oodles of good data! Have fun!


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