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Friday, October 26, 2007

497th Reconnaissance Technical Group 2008 Reunion

Those of us who are both alumni of the 497th and live in Colorado - and enjoyed the 2007 reunion - have decided that a reunion next year, in 2008, is a great idea. Charles Sakai is in charge of planning the event. You can also leave comments here, and I will forward them to Charles. We hope to have an even greater attendance than last year.



Blogger Unknown said...

Charles & Mike I am ready and will to help out planning again!
Debbie Barnes

5:29 PM  
Blogger "Doc Adler" said...

The 2007 reunion proved that the concept was sound, and was a golden opportunity for friends who hadn't seen each other in DECADES to re-establish contact. That's why I'm pleased to take part in organizing another next June.

Charles M. Sakai

11:45 PM  
Blogger "Doc Adler" said...

Our progress report is short and to the point:

Report of 497th RTG Reunion Planning Committee, 23 February 2008:

Present at meeting: Charles Sakai, Debbie Barnes

The following items were discussed:

1. We will follow most of the details of last year’s picnic, as there is no need to tamper with a successful formula.
2. Charles showed Debbie the receipt for USAF Academy Picnic Ground Pavilion 3, which we reserved for 28 June.
3. It was decided to collect as many cash contributions as possible in advance and to get our guests to commit to bringing food by the end of April.
4. We will contact more people (especially Colorado residents) by phone as well as by e-mail, which should give us a higher rate of response.
5. The next planning meeting will take place on Saturday, 26 April 2008, at the Village Inn, NE corner of Palmer Park & Academy Blvds.

6:58 PM  

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