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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What I want in a Presidential Candidate

I've been looking over the growing field of presidential candidates, and find that it's hard to support any of them at the moment. There is so little "there", there. Maybe it's because it's still early, and maybe it's because these candidates just haven't had an opportunity to discover what most people want from a presidential candidate. I plan to remedy that by making MY wishes known, now.

First of all, I believe the greatest need this country has is for a strong program of national security. In my opinion, that means having a military that can defend us against aggression, and able to respond to attacks both on our soil and anywhere in the world our enemies might gather. That will require increasing the size, training, and equipment of the Armed Forces, primarily Army and Marines, and continuing the war against Islamic extremism. National security also means secure borders and a revised and strengthened immigration program. A strong economy, too, is necessary for national security, both now and in the long run. Education, too, plays a major role in national security. We need to return to an educational process that provides the best opportunities for the most people. Finally, we need to focus on national vulnerabilities (dependence upon foreign oil, raw materials, etc.) and how to reduce them.

Secondly, we need to reduce or eliminate deficit spending. This will require revisiting existing expenditures as well as any future commitments. Nothing should be "off the table" - from Medicare and Social Security to federal funding for education and crop subsidies. Raising taxes should be the ultimate last resort, after everything else has been done.

Thirdly, I believe we need to drastically reduce the size and scope of government. We need to eliminate wasteful and duplicate activities. We need to reconsider how the current executive branch of the government is organized, its size, and its missions and goals.

Finally, we need to return to the Constitutionally mandated roles for the Congressional, Executive, and Judicial branches of the government, and re-establish the checks and balances that have been so abused by all branches that they are virtually extinct.

These four things are of primary importance to me, and I will choose a presidential choice based upon how well a candidate expresses himself/herself on these issues.

I'll expand upon these comments in other articles to be posted later.


Blogger Unknown said...

RON PAUL TO A TEE! He has consistently voted against anything if it does not follow the constitution. He is a true Jeffersonian politician. He is against large government, wants to abolish the IRS and cut spending. He wants to rid us of the Fed Reserve and its fiat money system an return us to a hard backed currency. He would like State's rights reinstated as well. He also thinks we should bring our troops home NOW and use them to defend America here and strengthen our border security. He has not taken one dime from corporations (no other candidate can claim that) for his campaign and wins if not places high in most national polls (although the media likes to cast him as a long shot.)

He was a flight surgeon and is a doctor. Knowing how the military works and healthcare to boot is an added bonus!

This man could make our nation great and respected again. He is beloved by people in other countries who cannot even vote here obviously.

He has received the most donations from soldiers both current and veterans. This is our chance to make a difference.

1:33 AM  

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