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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trying to dig out...

A lot has happened since my last post, and most of it hasn't been good.

We had a major fire here in Colorado Springs. A three-story, 135-unit apartment building was all but totally destroyed, even with over a hundred firefighters responding to the blaze. Bitter cold - lows in single digits and winds up to 25mph - made fighting the fire a nightmare. Even worse news came after the fire was extinguished - the fire was deliberately set (arson), and two people died. More than a hundred families lost everything they owned. Local residents and charity groups have pitched in to do what they can to help the victims. The fire was only eleven blocks south of our home.

Thursday or Friday of last week (everything has blended together in a confused hodge-podge) we learned that a little boy we've been taking care of was critically injured, and in the hospital. The mother's boyfriend has been charged with felony child abuse. Timmy, the little boy, is doing much better, but it's still too soon to know if there's any permanent damage or not. He's expected to go into foster-care with the mother's father today or tomorrow.

It snowed last Saturday (1/27), but there was only about an inch of accumulation. It's snowing today (1/31), and its supposed to snow more or less for the next four or five days. There is a drift over three feet deep on the south side of my house that hasn't melted at all in the past month. The new storms are supposed to add from two to twelve inches of new snow. We're supposed to have another week with highs in the low 30s or less, and lows in single digits. We get this type of weather every year, but it usually only happens a couple of times during the winter, for two or three days each. We've had colder weather, longer, this year than we've had in the 16+ years we've lived in Colorado. It's also been much wetter than normal, as my arthritis reminds me.

Hopefully things will now calm down a bit, and I can get back on track toward regular postings.


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