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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rantburg Relief Files II

Hopefully, I can take my time and be a little better organized this time. I'd try to duplicate Fred's categories, but my memory isn't that good. Here's what I've found with a little snooping:


Gulf News: 5 terr suspects arrested in Afghanistan


Mail & Guardian (RSA): IMF to present report on Zimbabwe's status.

Mail & Guardian (RSA): SA says Ivory Coast dispute solved

Mail & Guardian (RSA): Condom taboo in Zanzibar hampers fight against AIDS

Mail & Guardian (RSA): World Bank urged to consider relief for Liberia

Mail & Guardian (RSA): Nigerian Rebels threaten "significant attacks"

Mail & Guardian (RSA): Darfur police say 18 rebels killed


Times Online: Islamic Cartoons republished

AFTENPOSTEN (NO): Danish Cartoons Circulate

AFTENPOSTEN (NO): Moose Surfed on chunk of ice
AFTENPOSTEN (NO): Muslim wants Norweigan Blasphemy laws

Davos Debrief

EEW (EU) Online: EU extends aid to Palestinians in bid to prevent 'mini Iran'

Big 5 agree to refer Iran to UN Oh, how BRAVE! (not!)

Gulf News: Georgia Police clash with Russian Troops


India for peaceful end to Iran nuke issue
Indian train station readies for first Pakistani passengers in 41 years.

SA Daily: 18 Maoist rebels killed in clash with Government troops


AFTENPOSTEN (NO): Massive flooding in Trondelag

MEMRI: Amadinejad's defiant speech, translated.

Times Online: Iranian President Defiant

Mail & Guardian (RSA): World powers agree on Iran resolution


Gulf News: Sunni Leader in Iraq threatens uprising


MEMRI: Hamas leader sets the record straight Israel must be destroyed

Times Online: Israel cuts Hamas lifeline (customs duty)

Gulf News: Recognize Israel, Egypt tells Hamas


Corruption scandal leads to resignation. Baldilocks, who is from Kenya, has more information on this at her blog.


MEMRI: Kuwaiti succession


Gulf News: Three militants killed in attack on military base


Gulf News: Philippine govt troops in new push against communist guerillas

South America

SA Daily: Chavez pumps up pressure on Bush

SA Daily: Discounted oil marks Chavez's latest bid to win over U.S. opinion


Times Online: Brazillian cars run on sugar cane

This may have been what George Bush was talking about in his State of the Union speech last night...

Times Online: Times Writers side with Nepal's rebels


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