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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Destructive Behavior of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is blaming the Republicans of "changing the rules" by threatening to shut off the filibuster of judicial nominees. Yet at the same time the Democrats threaten the most destructive behavior possible in a society of laws - the destruction of the rule of the majority.

The Democrats in the US Senate are effectively saying "if you don't do things our way, you won't be allowed to do anything at all". That's tyranny, regardless of whether the obstructionist Democrats were "duly elected" or not. So were a majority of Republican senators. More people chose Republicans than Democrats, even in an election where the "norm" is for the party in power to lose seats.

What the Democrats are threatening to do is to rule. They obviously feel they should be allowed to do this, regardless of whether they're the majority party or a minority. The United States is a Republic, and its elected leaders are elected to govern, not rule. We have no king, no pope, no shah or potentate that has the authority to rule over us. We are a free and independent people who choose those that will represent us in a republican government chosen to govern in our name.

The Democrats refuse to accept that the people have chosen Republicans, not Democrats, to run our government. It's now time for them to acknowledge the will of the people, and accept minority status. They have the right to contribute to, object to, and lobby against, but not to halt, legislation, appointments, and other governmental actions. They are not God, nor a human ruler, whose every whim is law. The arrogant disdain of the will of the people, the utter contempt they express for this nation's duly elected leaders, is telling: they consider themselves our "natural rulers", and demand that, even in minority status, their will should be obeyed.

The Democrat's behavior is also contemptuous of the very constitution that gives them the power they lawfully exercise. That contempt leads them into violating, twisting, distorting, and effectively destroying the rule of law and the legitimacy of government. It's no longer considered government "of the people, by the people, and for the people", but "my (Democratic Party) way or the highway".

The attack on Tom DeLay, the filibustering of judges, and many other actions the Democrats are engaged in are not just "politics as usual", but an attempt to regain power by any means possible. Such a party should no longer receive any respect from the people of this nation, and should be shunned. The Democrats have moved beyond a "party of people" to a "ruling oligarchy for Democrats only". There's no room for that in our form of government.


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