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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Fallacy of Church-State Separation

The United States is a land with 293 million people. Almost 80% of those people acknowledge they believe in God, and 75% admit to worshiping Him at some time during the year. Yet the ACLU wants all mention of God removed from public life, because such mention "might offend a non-believer". This is not only extremely stupid, it's a form of tyranny. It would be the same thing to say that the small percentage of people who refuse to drive cars should be able to ban all cars from the streets. The true agenda of the ACLU is to force God underground, where the few people who don't want to acknowledge Him, who don't want to be 'constrained' by 'outmoded ideas of right or wrong, good or evil'.

Telling the vast majority of "common people" they're "crazy", and "out of touch with reality" really goes a long way to win friends and influence people, especially when the majority of those people reject the lifestyle of those shouting such crap.

It's time to stop being passive Christians, and to start standing up to the bullying, browbeating, and name-calling of the childish portion of society that refuses to accept adult responsibility. There IS real evil in the world. There ARE "moral absolutes". Any society that doesn't recognize this is a society committing suicide. We have the right to worship freely, and that includes in public, as public officials, and as leaders of the community. We have the right to encourage those of like mind to join with us, and to proclaim our beliefs to the rest of the universe. As long as we don't DEMAND that others worship as we do, or try to FORCE our beliefs upon others, we have those legal rights, and legal protection. It is those that try to impose their view of the world that are in the wrong, and we should never surrender to them.


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