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I've been everywhere That was the title of a hit country-and-western song from the late 1950's, originally sung by Hank Snow, and made famous by Johnny Cash. I resemble that! My 26-year career in the Air Force took me to more than sixty nations on five continents - sometimes only for a few minutes, other times for as long as four years at a time. In all that travel, I also managed to find the perfect partner, help rear three children, earn more than 200 hours of college credit, write more than 3000 reports, papers, documents, pamphlets, and even a handful of novels, take about 10,000 photographs, and met a huge crowd of interesting people. I use this weblog and my personal website here to document my life, and discuss my views on subjects I find interesting.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Why I Blog

I received an email the other day from the comments section of my blog. This person was complaining that my blog entries were too long, and they wouldn't stay around to read a long entry. The implied criticism is that I write too much. The more relevant point is that the person complaining has a short attention span. Lots of Americans (and people from all over) seem to suffer from that affliction.

First, let me say that I hope people read my blog. That doesn't mean that I write to be read. I write to express my opinion, to bring to light things that have happened in my life that might be interesting to others, and to record my history for my friends and family. Anything else is gravy. I like gravy, but it doesn't make much of a meal by itself.

Blogs allow the ultimate in personal journalism. Each writer can concentrate on what interests them. Each brings a unique perspective to the world, and to what that person feels is important. Blogs allow more diversity of commentary, more sharing of ideas, more perspective of the world, than most other means of communication. Blogs should never be evaluated by arbitrary standards, but for content. If what I write isn't interesting, or not informative, or not to your taste, that's ok, and I won't expect you back. For those that enjoy what I write, that can empathize, sympathize, or commiserate, welcome - and enjoy!


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