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Friday, November 19, 2004

Why the Liberals are Whining

The outpouring of vitriol and anguish from the Left has been unprecedented following George Bush's re-election. There's good reason for it. This election proved the beginning of the end of Liberal dreams, when a significant number of Americans rejected the looney liberal spin and decided it was time to choose a government of adults.

John Kerry was the epitome of liberalism: high taxes, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro gun control, anti-defense, anti-intelligence, and pro government control of anything affecting human activity. President Bush still drew not only 51% of the popular vote and a majority of the electoral votes, but did both with a substantial margin for error. Four million more Americans chose Bush than Kerry.

The mainstream media couldn't have been more pro-Kerry, anti-Bush in their reporting and editorials, from major television networks to major newspapers to most "news magazines". They covered up the attack by the SwiftBoat Veterans and other anti-Kerry groups. They faked documents, they distorted stories, they hid facts, and outright lied on many occasions. They presented every word out of John Kerry's mouth as outright gospel, no matter how insincere or stupid it sounded to the rest of the nation. The Left raised significantly more money, especially among so-called "527 organizations". Several individuals donated more than $20 million each to "unelect" George Bush. Hollywood and Michael Moore trashed the President every chance they got.

It wasn't enough.

The Democrats and Republicans both organized and pushed huge "Get Out the Vote" drives, registering several million new voters, a majority of whom actually voted. Voter turn-out was higher than average in virtually every state in the Union. High voter turnout is supposed to favor the challenger, and the Democratic Party.

That wasn't enough, either.

The level of voter fraud in this election is unbelievable. One estimate stated that more than two million fraudulent votes were cast. There are a record number of criminal cases being prosecuted against individuals involved in voter fraud. The majority of the organizations involved in voter fraud (ACORN, ACT, the NAACP, and the AFL/CIO) were biased in favor of John Kerry.

Even that wasn't enough to elect a Democratic president.

The Democrats not only lost the White House, they also dropped four seats in the Senate, and more in the House of Representatives. They lost at least two heavy-hitters in their anti-Bush line-up, including Tom Daschle, the most ardent antagonist of President Bush's first term.


First, the major news outlets are now being challenged by non-traditional sources, including the Internet, Fox News, and a dozen non-partisan, unbiased news sources. Secondly, the collection of weblogs referred to as the "blogosphere" was all over every incident of abuse by "old media", and got their information out to the public. Information the mainstream media tried to suppress was made available in minutes over the Internet. "Spin" was countered with truth, often with a host of links to factual information on highly-respected servers. The manipulation the mainstream media had become adept at was suddenly rendered obsolete by the "new kids on the block", political weblogs.

Most of all, however, the Left recognized that it was both their messenger and their message that was rejected. The American people no longer choose to follow Europe into self-inflicted socialist suicide. They no longer believe government is the answer to every question. They understand that the United States in a war, and one we can't afford to lose. They understand that many things in Washington are broken, and need to be fixed. They also understand the Democrats have no intention of fixing the broken, standing firm against our enemies, either at home or abroad, and offer more of the same in face of outstanding evidence of failure of their policies and practices.

Democratic policies in our schools are providing children with less education than their parents received, even with the per-child funding levels doubled or tripled. The Democrats want to establish "free" universal medical coverage. The average American has been able to see how poorly such systems work in Canada and Europe, and reject the idea. The Democrats support activist judges who create law, rather than conservative judges that interpret and apply existing law. The voters are not happy with that kind of behavior. The Democrats are weak on defense, and rely heavily on the United Nations for "legitimacy". The average American understands that a strong defense is the only way the US can protect its citizens. They've also watched the United Nations become a cesspool of corruption and vice, and feel no comfort in its almost-universal hatred of the United States. On issue after issue, the American voter has looked at the issues, looked at past performance on those issues, and voted against the Democratic stance.

The majority of the people in the United States understand what it means to be an adult. They understand the meaning of such words as "honesty", "integrity", "virtue", and "responsibility". They also understand that the Left hasn't reached the same point yet, and may even be unable to grow up. The results at the polls reflect the maturing of the average voter. The leaders of the Democratic Party are slowly coming to realize this, and know they face even further marginalization if they don't change. They also understand that the majority of their average constituency doesn't want to change, and will revolt against the radical changes necessary for the Democratic Party to again be successful.

The few adults left in the Democratic Party understand their current path will lead to annihilation and destruction, but can't convince the Party faithful they need to find another path to follow. The rabid members of the party howl in frustration, but it's the howl of a dying species, left to rot on the political wayside.


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