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I've been everywhere That was the title of a hit country-and-western song from the late 1950's, originally sung by Hank Snow, and made famous by Johnny Cash. I resemble that! My 26-year career in the Air Force took me to more than sixty nations on five continents - sometimes only for a few minutes, other times for as long as four years at a time. In all that travel, I also managed to find the perfect partner, help rear three children, earn more than 200 hours of college credit, write more than 3000 reports, papers, documents, pamphlets, and even a handful of novels, take about 10,000 photographs, and met a huge crowd of interesting people. I use this weblog and my personal website here to document my life, and discuss my views on subjects I find interesting.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Forcast calls for Light Blogging

and intermittent brain fog as I really get into writing this new novel. I've got the Prologue and three chapters completed, and the plotline in place for the next six chapters. I've got three separate endings in mind, and will eventually have to choose between them, or write something totally different - I haven't decided yet. I'll continue to update the word count in the sidebar here as I finish chapters. I've also got to take some time out early next week for a host of doctors' appointments and medical testing. This is all in order to get my VA disability taken care of for the next five years. The way things are going, I may even get an upgrade.

Look back here daily - sooner or later, I'll have something of substance up, even if its just on Sunday.


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