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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Just who IS John Kerry?

This presidential election has been filled with more questions and fewer answers than any election I've ever been eligibile to vote in, going back to 1968. I'm a registered Independent, politically a strict Constitutionalist, and smart enough to know what the meaning of "is" is. This election is driving me crazy, and I'm sure quite a few other voters who have an IQ above room temperature feel the same.

As a Vietnam Veteran, I dispize John Kerry. That man's behavior after he left Vietnam, the blatant lies, the consorting with the current enemies of the United States, his blatant disregard for the people of Vietnam, all stick in my throat, and make me want to choke the living s___ out of the junior senator from Massachusetts. That alone won't explain my feelings about the essential wrongness I sense about this election, however.

The initial Democratic Party field contained exactly ONE name of a person I could have even considered voting for - Joe Lieberman. The rest were extremely flawed individuals, from Howard "Screaming" Dean to General Wesley "Wrong" Clark. John Kerry, to me, was so far down the list he wasn't even worth considering. Then to have him (or the Democratic Party) insist on making the Vietnam War the centerpiece of his presidentian campaign made me wonder if an outbreak of "mad politician" disease had broken out among the Democrats (it's still possible - I think Michael Moron is a carrier).

The Democratic National Convention brought the SwiftVets to the forefront of national attention, and Kerry did virtually nothing, hoping the likes of Peter Jennings and Dan Rather would shield him from close scrutiny. That flew about as well as a lead balloon, and Kerry sank equally as fast. Since then, it's been one political disaster after another for Kerry. Kerry has enough baggage that he couldn't get off the ground in a 747 if he was the only passenger. The only reason his poll figures aren't in negative numbers is the passionate hatred of the "anybody but Bush" crowd. His campaign team has more members than the US-led coalition in Iraq has troops.

John Kerry's political past is virtually empty. He was a procecutor for the State of Massachusetts, but has little to show for it - obviously nothing he's proud enough of to bring up in his campaign. He was Lieutenant-Governor under Michael Dukakis, and the only thing he did was tell the State of Massachusetts they shouldn't try to survive a nuclear attack. He spent 20 years in the Senate, and had exactly EIGHT bills he's authored - and four of those were "puff" pieces - nothing to actually DO anything to make life better for the average American, or defend us against our enemies.

Slowly, however, there's a pattern emerging - a very ugly pattern that, if true, has sinister meaning for the American Republic. That pattern consists of:

  • a string of voter fraud investigations that stretch virtually to every state in the United States. One projection indicates that more than five MILLION fraudulent voter registration applications have been turned in to voter registrars before last week's deadline. There was ample evidence of some half-million illegal ballots cast in the last Presidential election, yet little was done about it. This year may see some precincts reporting more votes than they have people - of ALL ages.
  • a string of break-ins, attacks, and intimidations against opposition party members (Republicans) that is reminiscent of the Brownshirt activities of the NAZI party in the early 1930's. The spearhead of this group seems to be the AFL/CIO.
  • the establishment of a virtual army of lawyers ready to pounce in every direction, whether there's any problems detected or not. The apparent sentiment is, if there isn't a problem, create one.
  • a string of vandalism against anyone daring to proclaim their support for the Republican Party candidate. Such vandalism ranges from stolen or defaced campaign signs to broken windows, homes vandalized, grafitti painted on sidewalks and other structures, cars "keyed", and other such "mischief" designed strictly to intimidate voters from going to the polls.
  • a string of ugly emails spammed to every email address people can find filled with lies and half-truths about Republican candidates in every race, but primarily aimed at the presidential candidate, George Bush.
  • hijacking and re-directing websites to such places as Daily Kos, porn sites, and even more vile locations on the Internet.
  • "stacked" polls - by pollsters, by "call-in" polls, and by every other dirty trick the Democratic Party and its 527 "allies" can come up with.

The election's still three weeks away. I personally expect these attacks to continue, and to escalate. I HOPE it causes a backlash so extensive that the Democratic party is all but destroyed. This is not the stuff of valid debate, but the fore-runner of totalitarianism and tyranny. It's an "in-your-face" challenge to the American voters, saying "see, we can win, no matter what you try to do. We can put up the worst candidate in fifty years, and still get him elected. We're going to gain power, and keep it, and you can't do anything about it. We're going to run this country, just like we made sure the Republicans didn't get their prize legislation passed, or their judges appointed. This is OUR country, and we'll let you stay, but only if you're good little boys and girls and pay your exhorbitant taxes and vote Democratic when we snap our fingers."

That may happen. If it does, however, it'll be over my dead body. That kind of behavior will mean war, and at last count, the majority of the warriors were NOT Democrats.


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