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Sunday, October 10, 2004

A 1960's Liberal in a 2000 World

John Kerry is toast. It's not because of his Naval mini-career, or his post-Vietnam behavior. It's not because of his 20 years in politics with not one single major success to show for it. It's not because he married money - not once, but twice. It's because little Johnny Kerry never grew up.

John Kerry is trapped in his past - his childhood as the son of a diplomat, as the friend of the rich and powerful in Massachusetts, of his hero worship of John Kennedy. His worldview is based on that period in his life, to the exclusion of virtually everything else. He wants to be his hero - the next JFK, the next President from Massachusetts. His whole life has been dedicated to that moment.

Unfortunately, in all the things he's done to try to reach his goal, he never took the time to notice the world was changing around him. Many have said John Kerry is a 9/10 politician. It would be more correct to say that John Kerry is a pre-Reagan Democrat, trapped in a time capsule, totally clueless to the intervening 25 years.

John Kerry's words, his ideas, is "plans", all relate to a world that no longer exists, and that hasn't existed for 25 years. He has no idea how Islamic terrorism has grown and developed. He has no idea what it's about, what its intentions are, or how it operates around the world. He's an unarmed man in a world in conflict, without a clue how to proceed.

Domestically, he's still preaching the Carter mantra, totally incapable of understanding the effects of Reagan's economic victories, or the changes brought about by the 1994 Republican Contract with America. He has no idea how taxes, employment, job creation, and economic success interact. He cannot understand the growth of the individual entrepreneur, or the effects of tax laws, environmental laws, over-regulation, or monetary policy.

John Kerry is a shallow human being, with a terrible resume, poor training, and limited intellectual capacity, seeking to fill the most demanding job on Earth. His hubris, however, blocks his vision, and he cannot see just how foolish his attempt is, or how badly he's going to fail.


Blogger Paul G. said...

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1:01 PM  
Blogger Paul G. said...

No, he wouldn't know anything at all after 20 years on these committees;

Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Ranking Member Commerce, Science and Transportation
(Members, Jurisdiction)
Sub-Commitee on Oceans, Fisheries, and the Environment Ranking Member
Sub-Committee on Communications
Sub-Committee on Transportation Finance
(Members, Jurisdiction)
Sub-Committee on Health Care
Sub-Committee on International Trade
Sub-Committee on Social Security and Family Policy Foreign Relations
(Members, Jurisdiction)
Sub-Committee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs Ranking Member
Sub-Committee on European Affairs
Sub-Committee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps & Narcotics Affairs

I'm not going to bash your candidate of choice here, it's your blog and I respect your opinions.
I just have a problem with how -everyone-, not just politicians are playing fast and loose with the facts these days.
Goals seem to have outstripped honor and integrity through out society - "The ends justify the means".
If folks have children, or simply care about the future we had all better get back on track and check our own moral compass before we go so far out that we cannot find our way back.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Old Patriot said...


""No, he wouldn't know anything at all after 20 years on these committees;""

You'd be a bit more impressive if you hadn't just gone to John Kerry's Senate website and downloaded the information there. Besides, there's a big difference between belonging on a committee and actually getting any work done. Also, anyone that knows anything about our government at all knows that committee membership is constantly in flux, with members accepting positions on new committees and leaving others. For instance, your comments failed to show that John Kerry was a member of the key Intelligence Committee for eight years, and that he missed 38 of 49 public hearings (77%), and refuses to allow the attendance figures for the closed hearings from being made public.

Just for grins, I checked out the 108th Congress meetings of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, where John Kerry is the ranking Democratic member. Of the eleven committee meetings that took place, there are public records of eight. From what I could learn from those public records, John Kerry attended two meetings in person, and sent a staffer to two others with a prepared statement. I've also compared Sen. Kerry's career over the last four years with the two senators from my state (Allard and Campbell) - Sen. Kerry looks even worse when compared to two people who REALLY WORK at the job.

Here are a couple of things others are saying. Whether it's "politics as usual" or an honest assessment of THE most liberal of US senators is up to the reader.

Frank Salvato says:
"John Kerry has the work ethic of a three-toed tree sloth when the work at hand has nothing to do with advancing his career. While Kerry has found himself on important senatorial committees he has seldom satisfied the needs of those committees and has in fact made them less effective in his absence. It is the nature of the narcissist to become bored with subject matter not directly affecting them.

To date, only eight pieces of legislation bear his name, many being ceremonial in nature.

He missed so many "days of work" that an ethics complaint was filed with the Secretary of the Senate and his home state's Lt. Governor called for his resignation.
Another voice - Christiana Haines:
Since January, Kerry has only managed to participate in 16 of 134 Senate votes, according to an Associated Press tally reported on June 22.
During all this research, there was a tidbit about George Bush repaying a day's pay to the State of Texas for each day of work he missed during the 2000 Presidential election. I KNOW John Kerry has collected a day's pay for every single day the past two years, whether he's actually done anything Senatorial or not.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Paul G. said...

Well we have a President that says you don't have to be at the White House to work, and you and I know that the bulk of the work in Congress these days is done by staff.
I wouldn't consider attendance such a big deal if I were sitting on the Republican side of the fence, that is of course unless I were using it to cast dispersion on the other side of the asile.

Your assertion is that he knows nothing about these issues. I don't see where that goes to in showing that the other son of greater privilege knows anything more.

This election is going down to the wire, if our current CO in Crawford were doing a good job, it shouldn't be this close with the extra boost he gets from being in charge in a time of crisis.

2:20 PM  

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