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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I have little energy tonight. I came home after working three hours at a job that's absolutely more fun than work, and I'm exhausted. Part of the problem was caused by Miss Kitty deciding it was time last night to have her kittens, and she wanted me there to hold her hand. The biggest part, however, was the sheer exhaustion that comes from never feeling "good" - of always being in pain.

Unless you, or someone very close to you, has a chronic pain problem, you don't see the full effects. Pain is TIRING. It also leaves you grouchy, cantankerous, and short-tempered. (It also seems to impede one's ability to put thoughts into electrons on a screen without misspelling every third word.) It affects how you view the world around you, and everyone in it.

It makes it very hard to tolerate fools, or to put up with childish irrationality. Unfortunately, we have an unending supply of that around us these days, from the temper-tantrum screeching of the Washington "illuminati" to the idiot that rode his bicycle across the street directly in front of me this morning.

I didn't try to run over that mental midget college student, and I don't plan to nuke Washington, DC. I don't plan to take my anger out on my wife and children, or our cats and dog. I would appreciate the Wizards of Washington getting in gear and allowing me to take some safe, effective, pain killers that have side effects I can live with. I would appreciate people in government at all levels not saying three stupid things before dinner every day. I would appreciate people being kind, courteous, and well-mannered, and to watch what they're doing around me. In the meantime, I get my revenge...

It's a simple prayer: "Lord, for these "blessings", we pray that you would bestow upon those that have blessed us with their appropriate reward." Hopefully I won't have to continue say it at least 637 times a day for much longer.


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