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Saturday, December 18, 2004

The "Global Warming" Mindset.

The idea that mankind is causing the Earth to warm at an "astounding" rate is losing traction, primarily because the evidence doesn't support the premise. As more and more scientific studies are conducted, as more and more evidence comes to light, the entire "global warming" scenario is falling apart.

  • There is growing evidence that what little warming actually taking place is the totally natural result of fluctuations in solar output, climactic changes resulting from natural processes, and the normal fluctuations of Earth's overall environment.

  • What little evidence of global warming is far below the predicted levels announced by the proponents of global warming. The models created to "explain" this warming as the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions fail to match measured changes.

  • The main greenhouse gas is NOT carbon dioxide, but water vapor, yet there is no consensus on how water vapor affects the natural climactic cycle. The biggest reason is that this is a massively complex task, with more variables than most scientific programs can account for. Yet water vapor makes up 95% of ALL greenhouse gasses. If we can't decide how the MOST VOLATILE AND LARGEST greenhouse gas affects the environment, how can we possibly accept that we can determine how the climate cycle responds to one that makes up less than 4% of the Earth's greenhouse gasses?

Of course, none of this makes any difference among the True Believers. It's all man's fault, and we need to go back to the cave, so the Earth can get back to "normal". Nothing the scientists can say will change the minds of those who worship the god gaia.

There have always been those who feel their opinions deserve to be considered above everyone else's. There have always been those who hate what we think of as progress, or science, or technology. Many of these people feel threatened by things they don't understand, and have little capacity to face change with an open mind. Yet change is the one true process that will always exist.

Change, sometimes referred to as entropy, constantly takes place. Even human beings constantly change: we are born, we grow older, and eventually we die. Our body goes through an elaborate process of growth and development, then degeneration, and finally decay. These steps are more or less immutable.

Global warming is just the last in a long list of litanies those afraid of change have grasped in an attempt to "turn back the clock", and "stop" change. The lack of scientific evidence, or the growing preponderance of evidence against their latest pet theory, means nothing to them. Mankind is destroying the planet, we have to go back to "simpler" times, we have to reverse the "ravages" of our current society. What they're really saying is, "We can't stand the change, we're scared, and everything has to stop so we can feel safe again." Unfortunately for these timid souls, time always marches on. They can learn to keep up, or they can fall behind, but stopping is not an option.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three observations on this one:

First, if the industrialized nations have in fact measurably affected global warming by increase of greenhouse gases up to this point, then we ain't seen nothin yet. The US and Western Europe are a very small fraction of the world's population, so what'll happen when 3 BILLION bipedal morons from Jedda to Beijing start driving around, using refrigerants, and heating their homes with fossil fuels.

Second, Mt. St. Helens, Aetna, Vesuvio, Kilauea, and all the other active vents on the planet dump more gas and particulate matter into the air on any given day than the industrialized nations.

Third, if you want to hear the REAL insidious feature of all this, check out what the Kyoto Accord actually calls for industrialized nations to DO about minimizing greenhouse gas production -- it's a barely disguised schema for making the US, Britain, and Germany pay third-world nations not to build factories and facilities that use known greenhouse situation exacerbators. In other words, while we would be forced to continue reducing our own emissions, we'd have to subsidize and feed other nations to keep them from burning coal and oil and such to bring their standards of living up to par with ours.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's an interesting take on the subject from Michael Crichton:

12:15 PM  

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