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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Democrats, Old Media, and the hidden volcano

My wife is one of the sweetest, nicest, easiest-to-get-along-with people in the world. That's not just my opinion, but the opinion of just about anyone that knows her. This is the woman that went through uncountable "holding sessions" with a half-dozen of the hardest emotionally disturbed kids I've ever met in my life without getting angry when we worked for a private agency as therapeutic foster-parents. These kids would send me outside in a blizzard, but she dealt with them as calmly as if they were as sweet and loving as my niece's daughter. The only person she's gotten really angry with is me, and she usually had reason (we'll leave it at that, please).

Last night, watching the news on one of the major news networks, she exploded. She is so sick of the blatant partisanship of the news networks she could - and did - scream and rant. For ten minutes. Continuously.

She recognizes that the news networks - all of them - treat Kerry differently than they do Bush, that anything Kerry does is treated as being "presidential", while George Bush is subtly treated as something to be removed from the bottom of one's shoe. I think, given the opportunity, my wife would seriously contemplate murder for the first time in her life, and Dan, Peter, Roger, and the rest of the crew would be in mortal danger.

Politics in this nation has ceased to be about electing the best person to run the country, and has instead become a Democratic contest of wills to gain and keep power. Quite a few Republicans have gleefully entered into the same spirit of Roman Senatorial gladiatorial entrepreneurship, as well, but the major shapers of opinion are all on the other side - television, the entertainment industry, and the education industry. It's no longer about ideas, but about power. That is the most dangerous threat our nation has ever experienced, in part because it's from within, not from outside.

My wife's an intelligent woman (one of the reasons I married her!), and can see the blatant disregard for equal treatment by the so-called news organizations during an election season. I wonder, though, how many don't see it, or consider what they see as being "fair" or "equal". I wonder how many people this subtle manipulation is actually affecting. I also wonder how much anger is building in America because of the blatant arrogance of the "leaders" in television, entertainment, and education. Anger is a bit like steam - it can be contained for awhile, but when the pressure reaches a certain level, there's an explosion.

Mount St. Helens may not be the only volcano about to erupt. The people threatened by the other explosion are totally oblivious to their danger. I don't relish injury to any person, but some people need a major confrontation, just to understand the kind of explosive force their arrogance has generated. A Kerry election may be the point to actually triggers that explosion.

Forewarned is forearmed. Things could get rather interesting after November 2nd, no matter who wins. Either way, I expect some arrogant bubbleheads to be deflated.


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