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Friday, February 17, 2017

&^$&%$*^& Illegal Immigrants

Ok, let's all admit right up front that we have an illegal immigration problem.  Until we do that, there's no way we can devise a solution to that problem.  Ignoring it will only make it worse.  It's a costly problem, and it kills and maims citizens in this country.

In my opinion, we have three kinds of illegals that are coming to this country:
1)  "Americans born elsewhere" that want to be a part of the United States, that come here and work to make a place for themselves.  Many come here legally, and many more come here illegally.  That includes those that simply overstay - permanently - their visas.  The majority of these make good citizens, and we need to find a way to work them into our national fabric.
2)  People who come here to live off of the nation's citizens:  welfare recipients, people who work the gray labor market, people that take advantage of our "free" education system, "free" medical care, and a higher standard of living than most places elsewhere, but without contributing anything to being a citizen.  Round them up, and except for a very, very few exceptions, ship them back home.  Period.
3)  People who come here to destroy our society and our way of life.  That includes EVERYONE who wants to force the US to recognize Sharia law.  Sharia law and the US Constitution are totally incompatible.  Anyone who wants to live under Sharia law can go somewhere where Sharia law is the "law of the land".  They don't belong in the United States.  This also includes everyone who comes here and continues or begins criminal ways.  If you're an illegal and a criminal, the US needs to simply lock you away for as long as you deserve, and deport you.  If you come back, we should simply shoot you and be done with it.

I'm a retired Air Force imagery analyst.  I spent 26 years looking at overhead imagery.  I loved my job, and still spend countless hours at Google Earth -- far more than I should.  There's a shot of the US/Mexico border just south of Deming, NM, taken Feb 23, 2016.  It shows the border fence ending at a gully.  Less than a mile north of there, there are 29 people walking north -- illegal immigrants entering the US.  All they had to do was walk around the end of the fence.  If anyone else wants to look at the imagery, the coordinates are 31.47.05N 107.57.75W.  Look for the end of the loop of the road that runs along the border, then follow the gully north.  Those little dots walking along the gully are people.

Illegal immigration costs us billions every year.  It also puts the lives of people in danger, forces up the costs of government, and destroys jobs for local citizens.  There is a growing pool of evidence that illegals are voting in our elections.  One California politician bragged that half his family is here illegally.  This is destroying our nation from within, and can no longer be tolerated. 


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