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Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Job

 I'm going to pin this to the top for the foreseeable future, and all new posts will be beneath it.  The one thing I didn't include in this post was contact information.  If you want to contact me, but not through this blog, email me at mike dot weatherford at gmail dot com (words used to confuse the spambots). 

I've been one of those Christians that has always said, "Use me, Lord, in whatever capacity you wish."  Well, don't do it unless you mean it, because He'll find a job for you.  He's found one for me.

I spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet.  I have some physical problems that make it difficult for me to do most things.  That keeps me from doing most of the things normal Christians do -- volunteer in one or more capacities in their spare time.   But God will find a way to use us in whatever capacity we're able to be used.  He has tasked me to minister to the Internet communities I belong to.

There are some things that I can't do.  I can't marry people, since I'm not an ORDAINED minister (if you need an ordained minister, I'll refer you to my brother-in-law).  I'm not to preach.   I'm not to make any distinction about creed -- in fact, faith (or even the absence of it) is not a criteria.  And I'm not to take any money, even for others.

What I CAN do, and what God wants me to do, is to minister.  To pray for the sick, the lonely, and those in pain.  To listen.  To provide a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold in the dark. 

The Internet has brought people together from all over the world, into online communities.  There are many people who prey on such communities, but there are few who minister to them.   God has tasked me to minister to those communities I belong to.  I will do my best to serve Him, and my communities.


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