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Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Unabashed Plug for a Very Good Friend

I like Sarah A. Hoyt.  I mean, I REALLY like her -- as a person, as a writer of science fiction, and hopefully, as a good friend.  I enjoy her website According to Hoyt, I enjoy her books, I enjoy her writing at Mad Genius Club, and I enjoy the occasional emails we exchange.  One of these days I'm going to conquer my medical problems and go over for a personal visit, since we both live in Colorado Springs, and she's extended the invitation.  I want to meet her in person, I want to meet her husband Dan, her sons Robert, and Marshall.

Sarah's book, "Darkship Renegades", came out just before Christmas.  I'd asked my children to get me a copy, and they did -- both of them.  I also got a copy of her previous book in the series, "Darkship Thieves".  I enjoyed both immensely.  My only problem with both books is that, since I read at about 450 words per minute, they lasted less than a few days for both.  I'll go back and re-read them this summer, hopefully at a slower, more relaxed pace.

Sarah is far more prolific than I am.  In addition to "Darkship Renegades", she has several other books either already out, or coming out in the next few months.  A follow-up to "Darkship Renegades", "A Few Good Men" will be out in March.  "Noah's Boy" will be released in July.  This is part of Sarah's "shifter" series, which includes "Draw One in the Dark" and "Gentleman Takes a Chance".  (If anyone would like to buy me a present, I need this last book, preferably for Kindle.)

You can follow Sarah on Facebook, and join her group at Sarah's Diner (by invitation, I believe, but I'm not sure).

I'm not much of a reader of fantasy, but Sarah offered a new fantasy novel "Witchfinder" (currently in edit, I'm not sure of the publication date) on her website, a chapter every Friday.  I became hooked, and couldn't wait for her to complete the novel.  Now I want a chance to read it all at once, in edited format.

Sarah has been exceptionally good at promoting the work of her weblog readers.  This has helped boost the sale of my novels five-fold.  This poor effort is my attempt to reply.  Do visit her website, do visit her listings on Amazon (Search for 'Sarah A. Hoyt'), and do buy her books.  If you like science fiction, you won't be disappointed.

PS:  Sarah has written (and may currently still be writing) other venues.  I haven't read any of them, but if they're anywhere as entertaining as her science fiction, they're a winner!