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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I visited Sarah Hoyt's website because I'd seen the name a few times, and she'd substituted for Glenn Reynolds when he went on vacation.  I like most of Glenn's substitutes, and have them bookmarked, but this was the first time I'd approached Sarah Hoyt's site.

I found a treasure.   Several of them, in fact.

Sarah frequently talks about family and other things, but she also talks about writing -- her own and the work of others.  She's recently talked about the changes in the publishing industry, what's happening and why.  She's an unabashed supporter of "indie" (Independent) publishing, and ebooks.  I've been visiting her site less than a month, and what I've learned already will make a significant difference in my own writing.

I've also read one of her novels, "Draw One in the Dark", which is about shape-shifters.  That's not something that's appealed to me until I read a short excerpt from a book she's currently writing.  I liked the excerpt, and I liked the book.  It's not something I would write, but it was entertaining.

Almost as entertaining as Sarah's blog are the "regulars" that comment there.  Some of them have imaginations that leave me struggling far, far behind.  They've also given me the ideas for at least three new books to write, one of which is going quite well.

Sarah posts a chapter or two of another book she's writing, "Witchfinder", every Friday.  Again, it's different than the books I normally read, but entertaining -- pleasantly so.  I don't know if I could do that -- write something in the early hours of the morning, and show it to several hundred people before noon.  I did appreciate the idea, and copied it, posting a chapter or two of my recently-finished but unedited novel "Greenfields" online, soliciting comments from readers.   I may do something similar with the novel I'm currently working on.  If I can find somewhere that I can upload it, I may post the entire thing, then hold a contest to supply the title.

Sarah has several links to other weblogs on her site, many to fellow writers and friends, plus other people in the publishing industry.  I've been so busy writing and reading Sarah's site I haven't checked out many of those, but the few I have are definitely worth the effort.

Check out the site, the links, and the works.  If you like writing, and talking about writing, her site's a treasure.


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