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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time for a class-action lawsuit

The EPA is doing what it's done the most under President Obama - over-reaching. It's time for the free people of this nation to fight back. I think the first place to start is a class-action lawsuit against the EPA for declaring that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, that it causes harm, that it has to be regulated, and that the EPA has the authority to regulate it. At the same time, I would recommend a fraud investigation of ALL "anthropogenic global warming/climate change/climate disruption/etc., ad nauseum" activity. I also think it's time to start submitting Freedom of Information Act requests to the EPA to find out how much influence non-government groups have had, how much funding they've received from the government, and who supports them.

Let me say, too, that I'm not some far-out wingnut. I know that human beings have caused some change to climate, both long-term and short-term, and this has been going on since humanity discovered agriculture. At the same time, I cannot believe, as many on the "environmental" front do, that everything mankind does is bad, dangerous, and has to be stopped. Those people who believe this are the worst kind of Luddites. I also know that most of those that are the leaders of the environmental movement have absolutely no concern for the environment per se, but only their own personal reward. Some of it's from "being on the right side of history" (in their eyes), but the majority of it is purely financial. In my personal opinion, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Human Resources Defense Council, the Earth Liberation Front, and most of the other "green" groups are either frauds or shills. While a few of the lower-ranking members may be serious about what they believe, the leadership is conducting a massive fraud that is costing the United States billions of dollars while enriching themselves. Instead of chaining themselves to a tree, they should be hanged from one.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peace comes from Strength, not endless apologies.

I learned a lesson a long time ago that unless you were determined to win, don't pick a fight. I also learned that a lot of people are willing to start a fight based on a lot of false assumptions, but if they suspect you're meaner and nastier than you are, the chance of them picking a fight with you are next to nil. I've managed to keep out of a lot of fights by giving the impression (backed up on occasion by example, as some people ignore impressions) of being the meanest, nastiest person in the neighborhood.

The United States used to have that same reputation: don't mess with the US unless you're willing to accept a nasty defeat. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost that reputation in the last few dozen years (gradually eroded since Korea), and more and more clowns are willing to pick a fight with the US. When we do get into those fights, we try to "fight nice" - hard enough to win, barely. We're paying the price for that attitude today in Afghanistan, where more and more of our soldiers are being shot in the back by our supposed "allies".

There is no substitute for winning. We knew that in World War II. We forgot it in Korea. We won the war in Vietnam, but allowed a cowardly Congress to lose the peace for us. We did just enough to get Iraq out of Kuwait, but not enough to eliminate the cause of the problem. Our civilian leadership wasn't willing to retaliate in Somalia, and that hellhole continues to cause the entire world problems. We've won the war in Iraq, but managed to lose the peace through "progressive" leadership.

Afghanistan is a disaster, robbing us of blood and treasure every day. Our feckless "leaders" are afraid to stand up to insanity and demand it stop, so it will continue. So will the continued erosion of our reputation for strength in the world. As a result, the likelihood of a much greater, much more costly war becomes more likely, and soon.

For 50 years, the world feared the might of the United States would be used against them if they attacked us. That fear has all but vanished. We had 50 years of more peace than war. We've been fighting a war against a heartless, ruthless enemy for the last ten years. That enemy, and many others of our enemies, are emboldened by our constant show of weakness. As a result, we will have more wars, more frequently, and more deadly, until we once again learn that it's much better to be feared than to be viewed with contempt.

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