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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An open letter to Governor Palin

Dear Governor Palin,

Congratulations on your pick to be the next Vice-President of the United States. You are the first "real person" I've seen in politics since I can't remember when.

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has to grow up faster than what you'd wished for her. At least you and your husband will be there to help her and her new husband adjust to life as parents - even if it's by long distance. The enthusiastic help of grandparents will also be a major help to your daughter - I'm glad they're willing. I'm also very happy that the father both acknowledges the child, and wants to fill the role of father and husband. Too many young ladies today don't have that kind of essential support.

I know how it feels when your daughter tells you she's pregnant. We went through that 20+ years ago. It's rough on everyone in the family, but working it out together can be extremely rewarding.

I'm also proud of you for your love and care to your Downs-Syndrome son. Having reared a disabled child, we know how hard it is. Our son was inflicted with severe brain damage as a child, before we adopted him. You can't help but love them, but sometimes the demands seem overwhelming. I think you have the right stuff, and the right support group, to handle the many problems you and your son will face in life.

Give my highest regards to Track, and tell him I wish him nothing but good as he helps defend this nation against its enemies. As a military veteran, I know how rough military service, especially foreign service, can be for young people away from home the first time.

I, and my wife, will pray for you as you go through this Convention, and through the grueling political campaign ahead of you. I know the Left will do anything and everything to keep you from getting your message out. Know also that their doing this is a sign of their desperation. Stay strong, and keep forging ahead. I firmly believe you will be victorious in the end.

By the way, I am NOT a Republican, but an Independent.

Our sincerest Regards,


Blogger soldier fun said...

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6:03 AM  
Blogger "Doc Adler" said...

I was one of the thousands who attended the McCain-Palin rally here in Colorado Springs today. Not only did the audience eat up Gov. Palin's speech - seems like she energized Sen. McCain as well. It gave me great satisfaction to wave a recycled American flag rescued from the dumpster after the Democratic National Convention. :-)

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, When will she start "growing up"?
The baby is born, the parents are not married, neither parent has finished school, and the father's mother has been arrested for manufacturing and trafficking drugs.

Oh and Palin pulled strings to get the father a job he shouldn't have.

Yeah - good folk, just like us.
Maybe you Mike, but not me and not like any first family I ever want to see.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad this piece of work is out of the picture. I wouldn't have elected her to pick up at the dog park...

2:56 PM  

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