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Monday, August 04, 2008

Speaker Pelosi, tear down the stonewall

The Democrats in Congress, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in particular, have built a wall of refusal and denial against drilling in the United States and its territorial waters. While President Bush has revoked an executive order against offshore drilling and tapping other areas, Nancy Pelosi has refused to allow a bill to drill in offshore areas of the United States come before the entire house for a vote. Why? Because she knows it will pass.

My own senator, Ken Salazar, says he is against tapping Colorado's oil shale, regardless of what the price of gasoline rises to, even $10/gallon. Maybe the senator doesn't have to worry about paying $50 to fill the tank every week, but those that live here in Colorado certainly do. Those of us like me, who are on a fixed income, are paying the price for Sen. Salazar's conscience. Thanks a lot, Senator.

It's not just the price of gasoline that's going up. Anything that has to be shipped more than a mile has gone up in price, mostly because the price of gasoline and other petroleum-based fuels (almost all of them) has made shipping more costly. Add to it the stupidity of turning food into ethanol to burn, and you've got a price spiral that is hurting everyone but the very rich. Why is all this happening? Look no farther than Congress and the nation's "green" brigades.

We need to build 70 additional nuclear power plants in this country, but there hasn't been one approved in 35 years. The "environmentalists" have used every trick, legal and illegal, to prevent approval, construction, and operation of additional nuclear plants economical suicide, even though nuclear power is the cleanest, and the safest form of generating electricity we have.

This nation need at LEAST ten additional oil refineries, and virtually every single older refinery needs to be upgraded. Approval can take 30 years and billions of dollars in legal fees, if it's granted at all. Why? Mainly because Congress, through the Environmental Protection Agency makes it all but impossible to do so. Why would Congress do that? Because they are bought and paid for by the major "environmental" groups.

We have the largest proven coal reserves in the world, yet getting another coal-fired power plant built requires jumping through so many hoops Barnum and Bailey Circus couldn't outdo it. Today's technology has all but eliminated harmful emissions, yet the "green" team does everything possible to keep new plants from being approved and/or built. The entire "global climate change" bruhaha is a scam to keep the United States from expanding its electric energy base. Al Gore's "inconvenient truth" is nothing but an irresponsible lie.

It's time Congress is called to task and those that support keeping us dependent on foreign oil, that refuse to allow the United States to develop its own resources, that force the price of expansion of nuclear power, oil refineries, and clean-coal power plants so high they become impossible to build, and keep the prices high to "force us to conserve" are thrown out of office. It's also time for the Executive branch of the government to curtail the corruption of power blatant among so many bureaucratic functions, especially the EPA.

I won't hold my breath...


Blogger JeffM said...

Nancy Pelosi and her confederates are stonewalling the drilling of more domestic oil. If we had drilled seven or eight years ago, we would now be reaping the rewards. We would also be paying a lot less to foreign governments, many of which are our enemies.

How many billions will we unnecessarily pay for foreign oil, when we can pump our own oil from the ground beneath our feet?

9:17 PM  

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