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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update on Timmy

For all of those who have been following this saga, it's time for an update.

Timmy is doing fine! He's grown at least two inches in height, put on six pounds, and outgrown his shoes. He's adding at least one new word a day to his vocabulary, sometimes two or three. He's speaking in two- and three-word sentences, where before he used only a single word. His attention span has improved from two to five minutes to where he can now sit still and watch a movie for 30 minutes at a time without becoming fidgety. He LOVES to play outside, and we actually have a lawn for him to play on this year, thanks to late spring rains. We've bought him a few toys that he'll have to grow into, but that's happening faster than anyone, including us, expected. I've even gotten him to fish.

This doesn't mean the developmental delays that were detected back in April are completely gone. There are still problems that Timmy has to overcome, but he's made up a lot of lost ground. He still has problems with gross-motor control and some fine-motor control, but he's improving. He still needs help in speech and language, and some psychological assistance to help him overcome some of his fears. He's improving daily, though, and is a joy to be around, even for these 60-something "new" parents.

There will not be any change in custody until at least the middle of November, if then. Scott Mann, the person who injured Timmy, has pleaded guilty in court, and will be sentenced in August. He's pushing for probation, the rest of us (excluding Timmy's mother, who still protects this POS) are hoping for at least a year of jail time.

That's it for now. I'll update this the next time something significant occurs.