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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Challenge to the Conservative Blogger Community

Conservatives of all stripes complain constantly of the poor education our younger citizens are getting. Most textbooks are so "politically correct" they're virtually worthless, especially in the social sciences. Yet the membership of the blogosphere includes some of the most talented people in this nation. As a challenge, I urge every conservative blogger to select one area they consider their specialty, and write an article detailing what they know, with online links and footnotes. To keep the articles from getting too long, I suggest keeping the subject area small - a particular political administration (the Polk administration, FDR's prewar administration, the Eisenhower administration, etc.), a specific time of intense struggle (the Confederation period of American history, the Battle of Britain, the abolitionist struggles prior to the civil war, American involvement in World War I, "unrestricted submarine warfare, etc.), or a particular decade (the 1890's, etc). Write the articles at the 9th grade level for high school consumption, and at the sophomore level for college level readers. Don't concentrate just on history, but include political science, geography, and even the hard sciences, math, english, literature and anything else that strikes the fancy of the writer. Don't just write from an American standpoint - if you're competent in the area, write from whatever viewpoint you wish. Once the articles begin appearing, maybe we can get someone like Glenn Reynolds to link to them and weave them all together.

Instead of continuing to complain about the lack of decent facts, let's put the facts together, have the general blogger community vet them, and make the material available to all to read. I'm sure it will put the teachers' unions into a tizzy, and will probably draw great anger from the pc bunch, but at least our children will have the knowledge they're currently being denied available to them.

I'll begin working on a couple of ideas I have, and will post follow-on articles as I get to them. Leave any suggestions or links to your own ideas in the comments below.


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