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Monday, May 22, 2006

Why Unregulated Immigration is a Problem

I just finished reading an article by Jon Henke, where he totally fails to understand why so many people are up in arms about unregulated immigration along our southern border with Mexico, and why it's so important "now".

Jon, you need to get out more.

Immigration isn't a "new" issue, but one many people have been harping on for more than five years - some even BEFORE 9/11. The reason it's such a hot-button item now is that for five years, it's been ignored, shoved into a closet, shoved under the rug, given lip service, and stonewalled. A large majority of the citizens of the United States have finally reached the point where they've yelled "enough!". They're tired of waiting, of being given promises the government had no intention of keeping, and of being ignored, lied to, and told "it's not a serious issue". They demand change, and if Congress and the President don't respond to their demands, there are going to be a lot of new faces in Washington.

Unregulated immigration has many negative features, including the facts that as much as 25% of the US prison population is made up of people who have entered this country illegally. Several states are in severe financial difficulty, caused by trying to cope with an influx of people in this nation illegally, demanding services ranging from education to welfare to free medical care. There are a large number of cases where people-smugglers, referred to as "coyotes", have been responsible for abandoning their "clients" to die a slow death of dehydration and heat prostration. There have been many documented cases of trafficing in human beings for unlawful purposes. Then there's the ubiquitous drug smuggling, some of which finances drug lords, street gangs, and other unlawful enterprises. I'm sure I've missed a few.

Unregulated illegal immigration creates an underclass that is easily manipulated by employers, criminals, and others. These immigrants drive down wages and perform jobs that other, more experienced people need. The three areas where illegals are most predominant are the service industry (especially food service), construction, and day labor. Illegal immigration supports a large criminal element, especially those supplying false identification papers. This plays havoc with social security, credit maintenance, and accounting in a dozen different places. The MS-13
gang, whose members are almost all illegal aliens, is strong in a dozen US cities or more. They've been convicted of crimes ranging from dealing drugs to armed robbery to murder. One of the least mentioned, but most deadly problems with unregulated immigration is the potential of spreading a dangerous, communicable disease, including AIDS, the new, highly-resistant strain of tuberculosis, antibiotic-resistant viruses, and who can guess what else. A large percentage of those entering this nation illegally live in crowded conditions, are afraid to go to any "public" place, and are equally afraid of being "fired" if they become ill.

There's also the problem with the loss in tax revenue from illegal workers who get paid in unaccounted-for cash.

There's also the problem of people on our highways who don't have valid US drivers' licences, drive unregistered and uninsured vehicles, and frequently drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Most Americans who have a strong opinion about immigration have other concerns, as well. The number of people who die each year trying to enter the US illegally is pretty large - more than 20, and possibly as many as 2000. Illegal immigrants also damage or destroy tens of thousands of dollars worth of property along the US/Mexico border every year, and create environmental problems for people, animals, and plants.

There's the final matter of security. If we don't control the borders, there's no way for us to know exactly WHO comes into our country. That leaves us vulnerable to terrorists, criminals, and frauds who can cost us anywhere from a few thousand dollars to one of our very large cities and a million casualties. That's not something we can ignore.

The greatest number of people cross our southern border, but all US borders (US/Mexico, US/Canada, US-Alaska/Canada) are vulnerable, and need to be secured.

Once we secure our borders and control who enters and leaves the United States, then we can take our time determining what to do with those already here.


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The article listed below talks about the US-Canada border threat

US Canada border security threat

Pretty sneaky!

7:31 AM  
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