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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Vets Honored

As Cindy Sheehan gets all the media attention nationally, a little-reported event took place in Cripple Creek, CO, over the last four days - the annual " Salute to American Veterans Rally and Festival". The Colorado Springs Gazette was probably the only newspaper in the nation to give it full honors.

In addition to the soldiers from Fort Carson, 35,000 bikers from around the nation came and participated in their seventh annual salute to veterans. Thousands of veterans crowded this small mountain gaming town for the celebration.

I don't attend rallies and marches, although I enjoy them. It's just too much noise, and it drives me literally into my bed with a migraine-level headache. I hate to miss any salute to veterans, though - there are all too few of them these days. Some people still understand, however, that their freedom isn't free - it was purchased by veterans - alive or dead, healthy or wounded - from the Revolutionary War to today.

May God bless all veterans, and keep them and those that remember them, in His healing hands, for all time.


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