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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Working Toward the Tipping Point

There's a lot of commentary on the web right now about many things: political hate, property rights, individual freedoms, arrogance of government, judicial advocacy, and many, many other issues. The government, and the people, should pay close attention to what's being written and said. This is the same kind of behavior that preceded the collapse of the Soviet Union, the "Orange Revolution" in the Ukraine, and the liberation of Lebanon from Syrian domination.

Society usually functions smoothly, with social graces providing lubrication between differing groups. Today, there are many different groups doing everything possible to strip our society from those graces, impinging upon the freedoms of the individual (think Political Correctness, for one, property rights, gun rights, home ownership, the right to move freely throughout the country, the security of our borders, and the capability and loyalty of our military and its civilian leaderships are others), and antagonizing those who the "anointed" feel are "wrong".

There's a point in a potential energy system where the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy through external force. In Physics, it's referred to as the "tipping point". It also works in politics. In fact, it's a prime mover of political change.

When one group impinges upon the rights and liberties of another, the first reaction is annoyance. As the pressure increases, the annoyance turns first to disgust, and then to anger. Pushed beyond that, the tipping point is reached, and you have rebellion. The left has already begun to stir anger.

Not all rebellion need be bloody: we noted how the Soviet Union collapsed because the people no longer believed in that government, and refused to support it. The "Orange Revolution" led to new elections that were more in line with the will of the people, rather than a reflection of the desires of those in power. There have been dozens of revolutions in the last twenty years - from El Salvador and Nicaragua to the Ukraine and Lebanon, and on to the Philippines. The people will tolerate only so much, and then they rebel.

In today's society, the people referred to as being on the Left have staked a claim to represent "what the people want", and demand it be implemented. The people are not as universally for what the Left wishes to do, and feel the Left is pushing them in a way they don't want to go. The divide was pretty even. Events lately have pushed many who were in the middle in various directions, but mostly to the right. The people have, generally, pretty well established what they will and won't accept. The left isn't listening, hell-bent on establishing their vision of "Utopia" upon the rest of us.

It's time for the Left to wake up. Their lies, their shady dealings, their pushing and shoving, their demand for more and more power over the common man, are not being well received. Their verbal display of hatred for those that oppose them, vented by Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid, are beginning to turn more and more Americans against them. Either the Left learns to listen to the people - to ALL the people - or they will reap the anger of those they've pushed too far. That will probably result in the total destruction of the Left, and those in politics that represent and promote it's message. We're not too far from the tipping point, beyond which compromise isn't possible.


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