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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Questioning the Democrat's Patriotism

Many high-ranking Democrats have derided the Republican Party and many rank-and file citizens for "questioning" their patriotism. I'm not a Republican, but DAMNED RIGHT, I question their patriotism. I think we ALL should. Between Howlin' Howard Dean, Nancy "the Nothing" Pelosi, Hillary "anything to become President" Clinton, Harry "it' plays well in Nevada" Reid, Robert "KKK" Byrd, Chris Dodd, Ted "I can swim" Kennedy, Barbara "the vapors" Boxer, Dick "They're all NAZIS" Kuchinick, and a hundred other "prominent" Democrats whose only purpose is to bring down the current Republican government AT ANY COST, I DO question their patriotism, and their loyalty to the United States of America.

Patriotism isn't about political parties. It's about loyalty to the Constitution and the nation whose government it establishes. It's about being true to the principles of our founding fathers, and honoring and protecting the rights and responsibilities that go with citizenship of this great nation. It's not about tearing it down, it's not about bad-mouthing it overseas, it's not about ignoring the consequences that might occur from such ruthless, ridiculous, and dangerous words and deeds that have been uttered repeatedly by the before-mentioned cadre.

The only loyalty most, perhaps all, Democratic party politicians seem to hold is to power - their power. They have no concern for the average citizen, for the people they are ostensibly elected to represent.

The recent decision to fillibuster EVERY judicial nominee of the President's that isn't first "approved" by the Democrats is a case in point. The recent Supreme Court decisions on Taking and the extent of the Commerce clause are others. The declaration by the Massachusetts Supremes on gay marriage is a third. There are at least 30 more I could name, just from the 9th Circuit Court, and another half-dozen from the US Supreme Court.

The Democrats have vowed that only THEIR agenda will get through the Senate. This is after the PEOPLE have expressed their disagreement with the Democratic agenda as loudly as they could. There could be no better bellweather of public thought than the party of the President gaining seats in both houses both at midterm and again upon re-election. The people - the majority of the people - don't want the Democrat's agenda, and don't want the Democrats. The only way Democrats can get elected is by lying to the people, like hopefully-one-term Ken "Sleeze" Salazar.

So yes, I question their patriotism. Also their sanity, and their integrity. What they are breeding will probabaly come back to bite them, bloodily, in the near future. Idiocy, gross stupidity in the pursuit of power, usually brings with it its own rewards. Woodrow Wilson, Neville Chamberlain, and Lyndon Baines Johnson come readily to mind. Unfortunately, they won't be the only ones that pay a price for their nonsense.


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