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Monday, June 20, 2005

Dick Durbin, Dipwad

It's obvious that the Democrats will use any language, any activity, any means possible to gain even the tiniest of politically favorable position. Senator Durbin's comparison of the US Military garrison in Guantanamo, Cuba, to the NAZI death camps, to the Soviet Gulag, and to Pol Pot's killing fields was one such utterance. There's only one problem. That is the greatest slur against the US military ever uttered by a member of the US government in the military's entire existence.

My father was one of the people that liberated Dachau in 1945. I served ten years in Germany, and invited him to come visit. His reply was that he'd seen Germany, and seen what the German people were capable of, and would never set foot back in that nation again as long as he lived. He kept that promise. I've seen the photos of Dachau. There is nothing even remotely similar to that anywhere in Iraq or the US zone of Cuba. Even Castro's prisoners are better treated than the inmates at Dachau.

As a photo interpreter working at command-level units, I saw photos of the camps in Russia that were part of the "Gulag". There are no mass graves at Guantanamo. The prisoners there are getting three meals a day, and none of them consist of "potato soup".

I also watched the events that took place in Cambodia between 1973 and 1980. Nothing like that is taking place anywhere in the world, even Darfur, much less Guantanamo. Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe is beginning to resemble some of the lesser activities of the Pol Pot regime, but even it isn't to the same level as the massacre in Cambodia.

Dick Durbin has access to about the same information I have. He is supposed to be a rather intelligent person. Yet he's made these outrageous comparisons between the activities of US forces in Guantanamo to those of Eichman's "final solution", Stalin's death squads, and the worst of the rampages of the Khmer Rouge. That isn't just a mis-speaking, that is a deliberate attempt to slime the entire US military and all its members. It's a gross exaggeration to try to damage and bring down the current Republican government. It's a political act of the absolutely worst kind, one that no one who holds the Constitution above their political aspirations would ever utter.

The Democratic Party has reached bottom, and started digging. Dick Durbin, Howard Dean, and dozens of other Democratic (and a few Republican) senators have chosen to wage politics over serving the people of the United States. There is no longer any reason to continue to allow that to happen. The rest of the Senate MUST expel at least Durbin, and possibly a handful of other Senators who have inflicted great harm on the United States military and the capability of the United States to wage successful foreign policy, including the GWOT. Durbin has committed a grave offense, and only his leaving public office for good will be sufficient to redress these grievances.


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