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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Democrat's America

I'm beginning to understand how our founding fathers felt. Between the bull the Democratic Congresscritters spew and the unbelievable arrogance of the "justice" system in the United States, we're almost back to the point we were with the British Parliament in 1775.

The Democratic Dick Durbin accuses the United States military, of which I'm a proud retired member, of running something akin to "Hitler's death camps, Stalin's gulags, and Pol Pot's killing fields". Funny thing, NOT ONE SINGLE DETAINEE has died. Senator Durbin owes every member of the military an apology, and should be forced to resign from his position in the Senate. He has proven he's far too interested in exercising power than in supporting the Republic who writes his check.

Karl Rove identifies exactly what the Democrats are doing with the War on Terror, and why they're doing it, and is attacked for speaking truth. Now the Democrats are calling for President Bush to fire him. I guess telling the truth is one more thing the Democrats (and a few disgusting Republicans In Name Only) don't believe should be allowed in this nation.

Ward Churchill compares people making money, helping others invest, helping run big companies that employ tens of thousands, and ensuring that those companies and their people can safeguard their money and even invest for the future, with Adolf Eichmann, the German "mastermind" that ran Hitler's death camps, and implemented the NAZI "final solution" for the Jewish people. I guess someone with a Masters' Degree in "ethnic studies" certainly never had to take a history course, or an economics class. The sheer stupidity of that comparison is unbelievable.

Howard Dean says he "hates" Republicans, and that Republicans are "just a club of old, white, Christians". Yet the first Black Secretary of State (and the second) was a Republican nominee. There are more minority staffers, and in higher positions, in the Bush Administration than in the Clinton one.

Ted Kennedy wants universal, single-payer health care. We can just look to our northern neighbor and see what a resounding success Canada is having with that kind of system. The average wait for ANYTHING is six months, and for rare tests, use of high-tech, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, may be as much as eighteen months to two years. Even life-saving surgery such as transplants may be postphoned for a year or more for lack of staff, equipment, and bedspace. If they're rich enough, Canadians come south to have needed testing and medical treatment in the United States that they'd have to wait months, maybe even years, to get in Canada. We want to copy THAT?

The Supremes gave us Roe vs Wade, and unlimited, unquestionable abortion, in many places without parental notification for minors. Today they overturned the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. Eminent domain can now be used for any purpose the local, state, or national government THINKS will result in a more "productive" activity. Period.

Courts in Massachusetts say the state legislature MUST pass a law granting single-gender couples the same rights as married couples, and that anything else is "discrimination".

Our forefathers took the same kind of abuse from the government of their day. Finally, they became fed up. They met at Lexington and Concord, at Boston Common, at Breede's Hill, and at hundreds of other places. They shot, hanged, and imprisoned those who opposed them, and created the best form of government the world has ever seen. They were determined to protect the God-given rights they believed were the possession of every man against any that would take them from them, including the British government, and any US government that failed to recognize and protect those rights.

Today our rights as free men and women are under incessant attack by a large segment of the American government, and an even larger segment of society. That attack is led by members of the Democratic Party in Congress, the court system, and in our colleges and schools. It's time to stand up to them and say, "ENOUGH". Either back off, or we'll hit the reset switch, and return our government to the principles in place under George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. It might get a little bloody, and a little violent, and maybe even a little desperate, but with the determination of our forefathers, we WILL win.

Count on it.


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