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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Dawning of the Age of Accountability

The Blogosphere has scored another victory, this time with the resignation of Eason Jordan, "News Director" of CNN. If I were a member of the "Legacy Media", especially if I were a high-ranking member, I'd be doing some serious thinking - and some heavy perspiring!

What happened to Eason Jordan also happened to Dan Rather, but CBS wasn't willing to hold Dan accountable, and push him out the door. The same thing happened to John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign when he ran afoul of the Swift-Boat Veterans for Truth, and the truth about his Vietnam service record. Right now, Ward Campbell, "ethnic studies" professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, is facing the same type of grilling, and likely to suffer the same fate.

Christine Gregoire is sitting in the Governor's Mansion in Washington State right now, but that may not last. People are digging every day into the wacky maze of situational ethics in politics that seems to pervade certain parts of the state, and there's an excellent chance the election will be overturned. People are going to jail for voter fraud and other election chicanery in a dozen states. Another dozen investigations continue.

If you're in the public eye, or if you attract public attention, you can't afford to lie. There's a watchdog out there, and it demands to know the truth. It will hold anyone and everyone to account not only for their words, but their deeds. Unless you're a scrupulously honest person, you have a reason to sweat! There's nowhere to hide from the Blogosphere.

The new Citizen Journalists are watching - millions strong, knowledgeable in hundreds of specialties, capable of spotting discrepencies, fraud, and mis-statements. Accountability is rapidly becoming king. How many more heads will have to roll before the rest of the nation wakes up to the truth?


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