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I've been everywhere That was the title of a hit country-and-western song from the late 1950's, originally sung by Hank Snow, and made famous by Johnny Cash. I resemble that! My 26-year career in the Air Force took me to more than sixty nations on five continents - sometimes only for a few minutes, other times for as long as four years at a time. In all that travel, I also managed to find the perfect partner, help rear three children, earn more than 200 hours of college credit, write more than 3000 reports, papers, documents, pamphlets, and even a handful of novels, take about 10,000 photographs, and met a huge crowd of interesting people. I use this weblog and my personal website here to document my life, and discuss my views on subjects I find interesting.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Steven Den Beste - Free-thinker Emeritus!

One of the brightest talents on the Web has retired from blogging for health reasons. I continue to link to USS Clueless, because his archives are still up, and still worth reading. Rather than re-invent the wheel, please read the testimony at Rishon-Rishon. Steve Den Beste is an inspiration for all bloggers, and a figure worthy of emulating, if we can. I agree with David, and with most of the comments. Steve may be copied, but he'll never be replaced!


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