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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Rendering aid in a sticky situation

As I've mentioned before, I'm a stamp collector. I prefer postally-used stamps, which I mount with stamp hinges - small bits of thin paper with a glue on one side that allows me to put the stamps I acquire into my albums. I keep a small box of these on my desk, where I work on my collection.

My daughter's cat had kittens about eight weeks ago. As anyone who's ever had a kitten knows, they get into EVERYTHING. This morning, one of the kittens got into my stamp hinges, and tried to lick the gum off of a few of them. Her antics over the next fifteen minutes as she tried to remove those hinges had me rolling on the floor, unable to type. They also made it impossible to catch her. Finally, though, she ran into a corner, and I managed to grab her before she dashed off again.

The claw marks will heal, and her small teeth weren't enough to break the skin. I removed the offending hinges and threw them away. Suddenly, however, our poor kitten has a deathly aversion to my desktop - something a rolled-up newspaper and a half-dozen swats couldn't manage. I guess, for a kitten, having your tongue stuck to your nose is a truly traumatic experience.


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