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I've been everywhere That was the title of a hit country-and-western song from the late 1950's, originally sung by Hank Snow, and made famous by Johnny Cash. I resemble that! My 26-year career in the Air Force took me to more than sixty nations on five continents - sometimes only for a few minutes, other times for as long as four years at a time. In all that travel, I also managed to find the perfect partner, help rear three children, earn more than 200 hours of college credit, write more than 3000 reports, papers, documents, pamphlets, and even a handful of novels, take about 10,000 photographs, and met a huge crowd of interesting people. I use this weblog and my personal website here to document my life, and discuss my views on subjects I find interesting.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Curse of Living an "Interesting" Life

I've done a lot in my 58 years of life, and most of it was enjoyable. I've visited half of Europe, almost all of Latin America (although I didn't see as much as I'd wished), Southeast Asia, and a goodly portion of the United States. I've climbed mountains, swam in oceans and lakes, hiked through some beautiful forests, visited dozens of museums around the world, seen some pretty impressive art, listened to some of the best music in the world, eaten some of the best cuisine ever prepared, known literally hundreds of interesting people, written (and electronically self-published) five novels, and done literally dozens of other fun and exciting things, and been first in doing so several times. I have a wonderful wife, three excellent children, and dozens of good friends. Like most people over fifty who have led an active life, it's catching up with me, and it WILL affect blogging.

My primary care physician is making nasty noises and saying that nasty word, "surgery". I've had a lot of problems lately with a sore right shoulder. Three weeks ago, I received a cortisone injection in it for bursitis. My doctor had a half-dozen x-rays taken at the same time, just to make sure there weren't other problems. There were. Next week I get to have an MRI, and that will probably be followed in a month or so by rotator cuff surgery. I also get to go back in two weeks to see if I can get by with just physical therapy or if I need a brace for some osteoarthritis problems developing in my right wrist. Of course, I'm right-handed, and these problems WILL affect my ability to type, either for my writing or my blogging. I'll try to keep posting for as long as I can, but if I disappear for a week or two, you'll know why!


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