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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I had an idea yesterday evening after reading a post at Sarah Hoyt's weblog after the group's normal commenting yesterday.  I don’t know if this would work, but I’ll toss it out here to be kicked around.

Many (most?) of us that comment regularly on that page write SOMETHING from time to time. My idea was to write short pieces — ten to thirty pages — and post them on Amazon for $0.99. Write about anything you know, from English to History to Geography to Math to computer programs to… well, you get the idea. Aggregate a list of what’s available, and where. Maybe give away something now and then to get people interested. It won’t make anyone rich, but it would certainly help destroy the education monopoly, and give home-schoolers another, non-PC source of study material.

If anyone reading this wishes to contribute, remember three rules:

1).  The new material must be original work, but you can reference other material if you follow fair-use principles and footnote your work extensively.  You can't just pull something out of the hat (without references), or extensively copy someone else's work.

2).  Whatever you write can't use Wikipedia or other similar online works (a -  they're not reliable enough, being subject to rewriting and editing that can change the entire slant of a document, and b) - you want what you write to be your own work, so you can claim it). 

3).  List the references you do use, and do enough research that you're able to list some articles and sources for further study, but that weren't used to prepare your article.

You can post your work elsewhere, other than the normal ebook publishers, but you should always keep your price the same everywhere you do post it.  An outline at the beginning would be exceptionally welcome to students, just as your bibliography would also be helpful.

As I said, you won't get rich, but maybe we can undo some of the more horrible things that have been done to our education system.


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