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Monday, December 03, 2012

A change of passion.

I haven't written very much lately, mostly because I either haven't felt well (chronic pain limits a LOT!), or I've been busy.  On the busy part, consider that I finished "Rising Storm", the novel I've been working on the last three years, and written AND PUBLISHED both "Greenfields" and "LOST!", two new novels now available on B& for Nook, and for Kindle.  I'm also trying to rebuild my publishing history, and may move it to another website, if possible.  I've also got another five or six projects in various stages of completion.  One of them, "King's Bench", is set in the same universe, and employs a few of the same characters, as "King's Cross", but is otherwise quite different.  The other project, "Ysiyeh", will be the final book in the DownHome trilogy.  I also plan to link to the writings of recent friends, especially Sarah Hoyt, Amanda Green, and Cyn Bagley, plus others. 

I've got a few other projects in the works other than my writing, and I'll try to discuss some of them here, also.  I also plan to write more about society and politics, so if that's your cup of tea, keep coming back.

I've got a couple of medical tests scheduled for this week, and I may or may not discuss them here.  I also plan to do quite a bit more cross-posting about medical developments that affect me personally, and that also affect some of my friends. 

I haven't given up stamp collecting, and I'll still post something now and then about that, too, along with whatever else I think of.


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