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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Adolescent President

I just read an article over at Sarah Hoyt's weblog that clarified something about President Obama I've been thinking, but didn't know exactly how to express. She's given me the words.

Our president is a 50-year-old adolescent.


President Obama has lived a charmed life. He's never really had to work for anything. He was sent to the most exclusive schools, and "succeeded", regardless of what his grades were (we don't know - they're sealed).

He's been groomed and moved from point A to point B to point C with little or no effort on his part. He and his wife both have held jobs that paid well but required little actual work. He was always among people who praised him and protected him from reality.

His political career has been equally manipulated. He was elected to the Illinois State Senate, later to the US Senate, and finally the Presidency when the people he was running against collapsed, either from their own efforts or from being undermined by others, including a fawning press. His achievements in lower office are minuscule to non-existent. His "achievements" as President have been outright dangerous.

There are plenty of signs of aged adolescence scattered throughout the President's first term. His most repeated display of always blaming his predecessor for every problem, his inability to make clear decisions, his "flip-flopping", are all signs of arrested adolescence. Michelle Obama has also displayed many of the same signs, but in her case it's spending the people's money on extravagant clothing, vacations, and parties (teenage use of Mom and Dad's credit cards, anyone?).

The president has also failed, and shown signs of arrested adolescence in his inability to get along with the rest of government. He's used a heavy hand, demanding that things be done HIS way, regardless of what the law limits him to do. That trait is called "bullying", and it's a part of arrested adolescence where someone has never faced a determined foe that can slap the nonsense out of him.

Another major problem that reflects poorly on the president is his surrounding himself with sycophants who are as arrested in their development as he is. He's also surrounded himself with bullies and petty tyrants, yet he's quite willing to "throw them under the bus" whenever it's convenient to him. He has no long-range, deep commitment to anyone but himself.

Some of the other signs of arrested adolescence that President Obama displays include his inability to follow through on task, compromise, accept failure, or understand when something doesn't work and won't work. There's also his tendency to openly reward those that flatter him, and to destroy those that don't.

November 6, 2012, will determine whether the United States will be governed by an adult, or a 50-year-old teenager.


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